Matt James’ Hilarious Response To Tyler Cameron’s Criticism On His Kissing Style

Tyler Cameron criticizes Matt James for kissing with his eyes open

Matt James was heavily criticized on Twitter for his kissing style

Matt James’ kissing style on the second episode of  ‘The Bachelor Season 25’ became the talk of the town and not in a good way. Though the 29-year-old ‘The Bachelor’ lead is quite loved by The Bachelor’s fans, one thing that became the topic of concern was his kissing skills.

A user  commented, “It’s like when my cat sleeps with her eyes half open: creepy”

While another user joked, “Can you imagine being the girl he picks and she’s just now finding out his eyes are open whenever you kiss lol.”

One of the users even got mean and replied, “He also kisses with his mouth wide open and whatever he fidgets with in his mouth is distracting, maybe a retainer or something.”

Even his best friend and former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron, 26, didn’t spare him and made fun of him for kissing contestant Lauren Maddox with his eyes wide open.

However, Matt James had an epic explanation for his kissing style. He replied “Gotta make sure no one sneaking up on us! When your eyes are closed…ANYTHING can happen! It’s for both of our protection.”

How did Matt James and Tyler Cameron become friends?

Matt James and Tyler Cameron’s friendship goes way back. The duo went to the same college, then became teammates for the college football team, and later became roommates.

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Tyler even revealed in a podcast that James was one of the cool and famous kids in college. He said, “He was the older kid who took me under his wing. We’ve just been boys ever since. Super grateful for that friendship and what he’s shown me in the city.”

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Coming back to the present, the duo created a ‘Quarantine Crew’ along with Hannah Brown while they were quarantining together in Florida.

Matt James and Tyler Cameron share a great relationship with each other’s families too. It was Tyler’s late mother, Andrea, who convinced James Matt to participate in ‘The Bachelor.’

Matt told Entertainment Tonight, “I think she saw everything that it did for Tyler and the way that he changed as a man, and me being his roommate and being one of her sons, I think that she wanted something like that for myself.”

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