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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Wedding Anniversary: All The Royal Traditions They Broke On Their D-Day

The “customized” royal wedding

Fans of the British Royal family or not, on 19th May 2018, billions watched all amazed (and teary-eyed) when a mesmerizing Meghan Markle entered the chapel, aw-ed in unison when Prince Harry proclaimed how lucky he is to have her, and cheered as they said their vows. But it was no ordinary royal marriage, for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex put their own customized spin on the royal traditions. So, on the eve of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s second wedding anniversary, let’s reminisce how the once-royal-but-still-adorable couple tied the knot in a “modern” way.

  • The royal wedding celebrated Meghan Markle’s identity and embraced the black culture

It is customary for British priests to formalize a royal wedding but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle choose Bishop Michael Curry of Chicago, the first African American head of the Episcopal Church in the U.S., to speak at their wedding. 

Also, in a first for the Church of England, Karen Gibson and The Kingdom Choir sang during a royal ceremony, along with the performance by a black cellist, 19-year-old British musician Sheku Kanneh-Mason. 

  • Meghan Markle entered the chapel in Windsor Castle alone

As per tradition, a bride’s father has to accompany her as she enters the chapel and walk her down the aisle, but as her father couldn’t make it to her wedding Meghan decided to enter alone and was then escorted down the aisle by Prince Charles.

  • Another big no-no tradition is of a couple to NOT hold hands during the ceremony

But Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held hands during the entire ceremony breaking one strict royal protocol. 

  • Royal men don’t wear wedding rings

But Prince Harry does. He and Meghan exchanged rings symbolizing the presence of equality in their marriage.

  • Instead of going for the traditional royal wedding cakes i.e., fruitcakes…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle opted for their favorite- a lemon and elderflower cake coated in buttercream and fresh flowers. 

But unlike their much-publicized D-day, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s second wedding anniversary is to be a quiet one

Last year, when the couple celebrated one year of marriage, they shared a montage of photographs chronicling their special day. But this year, as both have been busy supporting efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and planning the launch of their non-profit organization, Archewell, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have kept their wedding anniversary private.

“The day will simply be quality time with one another and as a family,” a source close to the couple shared. “They’re not going to be doing any work and made sure they have no meetings or calls in the diary. “Like everyone else, they are in lockdown at the moment, so they will just be hanging out together at home. But it will still be a lovely day.”

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