Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Sue Paparazzi Over Illegal Photos Of Son Archie

The couple claims drones have been deployed around their residence

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are suing unnamed paparazzi for taking unlawful photos of their son Archie in their backyard.

The couple has filed a lawsuit over invasion of privacy. The California law seems to be on their side as it prohibits photographing anyone in their homes using drones or telephoto lens.

The Duke and Duchess may have stepped down from royal duties but they still haven’t been able to escape the paparazzi.

About Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s suit

High power attorney Michael Kump was hired to fight the case. He issued a public statement on Thursday.

“Every individual and family member in California is guaranteed by law the right to privacy in their home,” the complaint began.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are filing this lawsuit to protect their young son’s right to privacy in their home without intrusion by photographers, and to uncover and stop those who seek to profit from these illegal actions.”

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The suit mentions how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently shifted to North America, partly “to escape the incessant UK tabloid fabrications.” But to no avail.

“Some paparazzi and media outlets have flown drones a mere 20 feet above the house, as often as three times a day, to obtain photographs of the couple and their young son in their private residence.”

“Others have flown helicopters above the backyard of the residence, as early as 5:30 a.m. and as late as 7:00 p.m., waking neighbors and their son, day after day. And still others have even cut holes in the security fence itself to peer through it.” 

Meghan, 38, and Harry, 35, ignored these trespasses until they learnt that publications were shopping photos of their son, Archie.

The couple claims that these photos, purportedly taken on a family outing, were clearly shot from their LA home.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle is in the middle of another lawsuit

Meghan Markle is fighting another invasion of privacy lawsuit against a UK tabloid. The Suits actor is charging the newspaper for publishing parts of a “private and confidential” letter.

The recent complaint maintains that Meghan and Harry are aware that the media will follow them when they are out in public. However, they demand some decency and privacy when at home. And even more so for their son Archie.

“The family has tried to ignore these physical and constructive trespasses as best they can. … But the plaintiffs recently learned that certain paparazzi and their enablers have crossed a red line for any parent,” it said.

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