Michael B Jordan Talks About Chadwick Boseman’s Oscar Snub

“There’s no win that can take anything away from the lives around the world that he impacted.”

Michael B Jordan speaks about Chadwick Boseman’s Oscar snub on Thursday. For this year’s Academy awards Boseman was nominated in the Best Actor category for his performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Anthony Hopkins who won the award for his role in the movie The Father even mentioned Boseman in his speech. Hopkins had become the oldest actor to be given the honor.

Michael B Jordon and Chadwick Boseman worked together in the Marvel movie Black Panther in 2018. They both were stepbrothers in the movie representing good and evil and fighting for the position of the king in Wakanda. Like most Boseman fans Jordon was also disappointed in his Oscars results. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jordan said, “But you know, this is how I honestly and truly really feel about it: There’s like, there’s no award that can validate his legacy.”

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He further added, “There’s no win that can take anything away from the lives around the world that he impacted. So, you’ve got to look at the things that we can control and the gifts and the blessings that he left us, and that’s this incredible body of work and what he represents for as a person and as the biggest one we could really ask for.”

Michael B Jordan also admitted that he didn’t watch Chadwick Boseman’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom immediately. As he could not bear the sudden death of his friend and the fact that they would be no longer working together. “I held off from watching it for a while, to be perfectly honest,” he said. “And when I did it, you know, it’s like, you want to savor it. It was an incredible performance, man. I mean, it’s like, you can see it, you know, him giving everything he had.”

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Before Michael B Jordan, Fans and Family also reacted to Chadwick Boseman Oscar Snub

Like Michael B Jordan, Chadwick Boseman’s fans also showed their disappointment on Twitter and wrote, “so the academy baited everyone into thinking Chadwick Boseman was going to win by putting best actor off until the last moment, didn’t give him a special tribute, commodified his death with an nft, and made his family sit through an entire ceremony without honoring him in any way”. Another wrote, “You know either next year or in the next few years the oscar commitee are going to give chadwick boseman the honorary oscar to try to make up for the snub. I am sure that if it was a white actor that passed way, he would won a oscar”.

Chadwick Boseman’s family also reacted to his Oscar snub before Michael B Jordan. They defended actor Anthony Hopkins’ win as the fans were too aggressive with their words for the actor. Boseman’s brother Derrick told TMZ this week that his family wasn’t “upset or agitated whatsoever” that the performer didn’t receive the posthumous victory for his intense musician role in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” the entertainment site wrote. His brother also added that Boseman didn’t put emphasis on the Oscars anyway. “He always described them to me as a campaign,” he told the website.

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