Michael Sheen And Kate Beckinsale Split: The Actor Reflects On What Went Wrong

‘’Ultimately, there is no real blame, life is just hard.’’ Oh the reality!

On a recent podcast Changes with Annie Macmanus, Michael Sheen gave an insight into what it was like going through a breakup with former partner, Kate Beckinsale. The Welsh actor said ‘’it was a difficult experience to go through’’ and revealed that he had no work visa to live in the US and that made things tough as he never knew when he’d be reunited with his family. ‘’Going through that experience of a relationship breaking down and having a young child, and then because of my daughter and her mum living in another country, having to make a life in a new place whilst going through that whole experience, which is difficult enough, that was really tough” he said before admitting that he was compelled to work in Britain as he wasn’t getting any in America and that made him ‘question certain things’ about himself. The actor’s trepidation has come to an end as he enjoys a full blown acting career on either side of the Atlantic but he still remembers the time he’d yearn to see his daughter who herself is now paving way to an acting career of her own. The Good Omens actor said, ‘’I would just sit in diners reading Stephen King books, and wait to be able to go see my daughter” Aw.

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Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale met in 1995 on a production tour of The Seagull and 4 years later, were blessed with an adorable daughter, Lily now 21 who they co-parent. In 2000 following the birth of their daughter, Sheen punched Beckinsale’s co star, Jeremy Northam because he was seen shouting at Kate over a disagreement on the set of The Golden Bowl. In 2003, the former couple had appeared together in Underworld and called it quits the same year.

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In September last year, Sheen had welcomed another daughter, Lyra with his partner Anna Lundberg but the doting father never fails to make an appearance on Lily’s special moments and features on Kate’s Instagram too whenever they have a family reunion. The 47 year old actress had hilariously recreated a photo from the day lily was born which she shared on Instagram back in 2016.


Though they’ve had their fair share of relationships following the split, Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale have managed to remain good friends and are comfortable with each other. ‘‘It’s so normal for us. We split up ages ago. We have been not together far longer than we were ever together”, Beckinsale told ES magazine referring to her friendship with Sheen. Well, all’s well that ends well.

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