Milani Cosmetics Comes Out With The Truth During Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Trial

Milani is not having any of this!

In the ongoing Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial where the latter filed for defamation after the former accused him of domestic abuse, Milani, the make-up company whose product’s the “Aquaman” actress supposedly used to cover up the bruises that she allegedly got from her ex-partner, has set the record straight by admitting that these are false claims.

Milani comes out with facts regarding the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial

During the opening statements this week, the actress’s attorney claimed that Heard supposedly carried Milani Conceal + Perfect All-in-One Correcting Kit with her all the time to cover up any marks of injury that she “got” from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor throughout her “entire relationship with him”.


The drugstore makeup brand has since responded to these comments and shut them down. The company uploaded a 15-second video on Thursday on the popular social media site Tik Tok to come out with the truth.


“You asked us… let the record show that our Correcting Kit launched in 2017!” they captioned the post. “Take note: alleged abuse was around 2014-2016, got divorced 2016, makeup palette release date: December 2017,” read the note over the video that displayed Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at the trial as the Backyardigans’ song “International Super Spy” played in the background.


The short video then cuts to the Milani headquarters where a woman holds up the make-up brand’s catalog open to the page that has the product description of the compact, Amber Heard’s “go-to” make-up product. It then shifts to a slide that shows the year of the launch of that particular product. It confirmed that Heard definitely wasn’t using that palette during her relationship with Depp.


“We are here to provide the facts of the case,” the brand noted in the comments.

Was she wearing makeup or not?

During Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s trial, the latter’s team have come up with witnesses who confirmed that they had never seen the actress with any visible bruises even when she “wasn’t wearing makeup”. However, her team argued that they had no way of knowing whether she was actually wearing makeup or not and that their claims don’t prove anything.

The trial is supposed to enter its third week at the moment and the outcome of it is yet to be seen.

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