Miley Cyrus’s Career Defining Moment Came Because Of THIS Outfit!

Set in motion her departure from Disney

As Miley Cyrus celebrated her single Can’t Be Tamed’s decennial anniversary, she obliged her fans with a little Ask-Me-Anything session on Twitter. 

The songstress was asked an increasingly thought-provoking question – “What was the most special & unforgettable moment for her in this era?”

The answer was quite unexpected and involved this body-hugging black cut-out dress Miley once wore: 

In her response, the Wrecking Ball singer reminisced about her first performance at the G-A-Y nightclub in London, back in 2010. “I wore a dress I knew would piss everybody off and that was around the time I began to ‘spread my wings’ & felt free.”

Wearing that outfit took a lot of courage and was an act of early rebellion for Miley as she said, “People around me were saying I would lose all my fans and my career would be over.” 

“I couldn’t stay Hannah Montana forever and they knew that, but they also didn’t want me to make a mistake that couldn’t be undone,” the singer continued. 

Let’s go back in time

Miley Cyrus came to the public eye through Disney’s Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana practically became Miley’s alter ego and they were one and the same for the young viewers that made the show a hit. 

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So what went wrong?

The dress! Miley channeling her inner self through this Danielle Scutt dress, probably coupled with the fact that she chose to perform at a gay club, didn’t quite please Disney. It could feel could feel its ‘Hannah Montana’ slipping away.

‘Can’t Be Tamed’ was the final nail in the coffin

The 27-year-old’s first single ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ which released on June 18, 2010 depicted her as a bird trapped in a cage, and apparently the video did not go well with Disney. 

A twitter user shed some light on this matter, setting things in perspective. “I was working for Radio Disney at the time as a Promotional Assistant,” he wrote of the time the song was released, “Im not kidding when I say that the NEXT DAY after this dropped Disney made us cancel EVERYTHING that was connected to Miley Cyrus. No radio play. No mentioning her. NOTHING.”

While we would have loved some more of Hannah Montana, there seem to be no regrets for Miley – the queen of daunting choices. 

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