Mohamed Hadid Claims Demolition Fee For Bel Air Mansion Is Too Expensive

The Real Estate Tycoon Says He Is Broke.

Mohamed Hadid’s demolition fee for his Bel Air Estate is too exorbitant for the real estate tycoon that he is claiming in court proceedings that he is unable to pay it and now Mohamed is being accused of lying in court.

Mohamed Hadid was ordered to pay demolition fees worth $5 million for his mansion in Bel Air, California which is worth a whopping $50 million which he will lose in demolishing it.

The Daily Mail also reported that the Millionaire father of the Millionaire Supermodel daughter duo- Gigi and Bella Hadid, also made claims of owing around $15 million from the court orders that were pressed against him which affected his wealth so much that he had to pack his bags and ‘drastically downsize’ to a ‘modest’ ranch abode from his earlier 48,000 sq ft mansion, which let’s just say is not ‘modest’ for the average human.

Mohamed Hadid who started a brand focused on selling expensive caviar with his daughter, Gigi Hadid and his titular champagne along with the whole Hadid brand, has not been paying off.

Mohamed Hadid’s excuse for his inability to pay the demolition fees came under fire from the prosecution consisting of the lawyers of Hadid’s neighbours as they stated Mohamed’s said money problems are “blatantly and intentionally deficient,’ and that ‘(Hadid) is now concealing his finances to avoid being called to task.”

The real estate developer, Mohamed Hadid’s declaration which stated- ‘I’m broke’ was said responding to the order by the Californian Judge Craig Karlan’s, which wanted Hadid to provide actual evidence backing up his claims of being unable to pay the $5 million demolition for the Bel Air Mansion at 901 Strada Vecchia Road.

Hadid’s neighbours stated in their court declaration that “The stigma of the project and the impact on my life over the past six years that Joe Horacek has harassed me have been personally devastating‚Ķ The stigma and expense in this matter (the neighbours’ civil lawsuit against him) and the criminal matter have seriously damaged me and, at 72 years of age, it is not as though I can start over. I have no present nor presently foreseeable potential to fund the demolition now or ever.”

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