Mohamed Hadid Reveals 5 Lesser-Known Facts About Gigi Hadid

Did you know Gigi began modeling when she was a toddler?

Mohamed Hadid is one proud and supportive father.

On the eve of her birthday, Gigi Hadid’s father took to Instagram to share 20 lesser-known facts about her. While he’s nowhere close to being done, here’s what Mohamed has revealed about Gigi so far.

1. Gigi Hadid is a self-made woman

As per Mohamed Hadid’s post, Gigi Hadid is an entirely self-made woman and “never took a single dollar from her parents”. From that to building a million-dollar empire for herself, Gigi has surely come a long way!

2. She began modeling when she was just a toddler!

Have you ever wondered how and when Gigi Hadid began modeling? “[She] Started modeling for Baby Guess when she was in Khai’s age,” Mohamed said on Instagram.

Well, baby Khai is just seven months old, but what Mohamed probably means is that Gigi’s modeling career began when she was just a toddler.

When she was two, Gigi was spotted by Guess co-founder and family friend Paul Marciano. This led to one of her first modeling gigs in a Baby Guess campaign.

3. Hadid is a woman of many talents

Hadid was a part of her high school volleyball team in Malibu. What’s more, she even went to Junior Olympic qualifiers for volleyball. These Gigi Hadid facts just keep getting better and better!

4. She is also a skilled equestrian

Not just volleyball, Hadid was also extremely good at horseback riding. As Mohamed shared, she was an “accomplished equestrian jr Olympic contender” with hundreds of “first place and national Championships” under her belt.

After a few gigs as a child, Hadid took a break from modeling to focus on her athletic ambitions. “I stopped because I was a really competitive horseback rider and a club volleyball player,” she told Vogue in a 2015 interview.

“I went to Junior Olympic qualifiers for volleyball. So, I kind of stopped modeling. I just wanted to have a normal childhood and go to high school.”

As her father revealed, Gigi still loves to swing up on a horse and ride every now and then.

5. If not a model, Gigi would have been…

Hadid was passionate about criminal psychology and wanted to pursue a career in it. She was studying the same in college, but had to leave her studies midway because of her demanding modeling schedule.

However, as per Elle, Gigi once said that even if she weren’t a model, she still would have done something in the creative field only.

“I studied Criminal Psychology in college, and although I’m so intrigued by that field of work, I think that if I would have had a career in that, I would’ve still ended up working in something creative instead. Even after I’m done modelling I think I’ll always be a part of a creative process somehow,” she said in a 2018 Instagram story Q&A.

Stay tuned for more interesting facts on Gigi Hadid!

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