Morena Baccarin Talks About Her Acting Career From “Firefly” to “Greenland”

She’s had quite the journey so far.

Morena Baccarin has finally talked about her acting journey from the cult classic show “Firefly” to her latest apocalyptic flick “Greenland”.

Morena Baccarin revealed the details of her acting career in a “First Time” interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Morena’s latest film is the Ric Roman Waugh directed end of the world thriller “Greenland”.

The movie depicts John Garity, played by the upcoming “Remote Control” star, Gerard Butler, who is an Atlanta-based engineer, who finds himself in a tough spot upon discovering that the comet titled “Clarke” is going to pass through Earth’s orbit.

He along with his alienated wife, played by Morena Baccarin and their diabetic kid, travel through the chaos-ridden state to find shelter.

Morena Baccarin talked about her empowering role of Allison Garity in “Greenland” and what drew her to play it. She stated that:

“I felt like it had a great message and it wasn’t just your typical disaster movie where you have a bunch of scientists trying to figure out how to save the world. You had a family at the core of it that had issues; that were normal, regular people [who] were trying to survive.”

Morena Baccarin also went on to talk about the important role she played in the disaster flick, which was not just limited to being an on-screen wife to the charming Gerard Butler.

“You had a mom who was equal-parts to the male hero of the film; a tough person — somebody who fought for her beliefs and for her family,” she added. “She was really strong, powerful, and really active; and I just felt, ‘Finally, an action movie where I get to partake.'”

The 41-year-old “Gotham” star, also revealed how weird it was to shift from the warm Brazilian weather to the cold bleak winters of the United States at the age of 10.

She revealed that “I did not know what to expect. I just remember everyone telling me how cold it was going to be. My mom laid out two outfits. I put both of them on because I thought it was so cold that I should have two pants on, and two shirts, and two sweaters, and two pairs of socks; and [my mom] was like, ‘Hold on, [you’re] going to be on an airplane!’”

Morena also talked about the very first time that she saw herself acting on screen, which was from her role of Inara Serra in the single-season show “Firefly”.

The “Deadpool” star stated that she was scared at first. “I remember being terrified, not wanting to see it, but at the same time so curious,” she said. “I thought, ‘This is the most bizarre experience ever and this show is so insane; nobody is going to watch it.’ And nobody did [at first], and then they did, and then it became a cult classic. And I remember this feeling that maybe I was going to walk down the street and everybody was going to know me, but that’s really not how it works.”

Now Morena Baccarin has gone from a cancelled show to big-budget movies like “Deadpool” where she starred alongside Ryan Reynolds. Morena is sure to return in the third instalment of this rated “R” hero’s movies.

If this wasn’t enough she is also part of the DC franchise, as she stars in “Gotham” as the character of Leslie Thompkins.

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