Mossimo Giannulli Gets Released From His Home Confinement And Is Now Free

The past is past now.

Mossimo Giannulli gets released from home confinement, a day early from the scheduled release. The fashion designer is now finally free from his sentence.

It has been just a couple of weeks since the 57-year-old “Mossimo” founder was released from prison and put into home confinement and now his 5-month-long sentence has finally ended as he got released on 16th April.

Now, Mossimo’s tragic past of the college admission scandal is behind him and also his wife, Lori Loughlin.

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The inmate records of the Federal Correctional Institution in Lompoc revealed that the spouse of the actress Lori Loughlin was released a day earlier from his slated release of 17th April.

Mossimo Giannulli was previously released from prison on 3rd April; his wife, Lori Loughlin, was especially relieved. “Lori is relieved that he was released from the prison. Mossimo is still in federal custody though,” as stated by a source.

Mossimo’s daughters, whom he had with Lori Loughlin, the 21-year-old Olivia Jade, and the 20-year-old Isabella “Bella” Rose Giannulli, along with his son Gianni Giannulli, whom he had with his first wife, Chris Giannulli, had all gone to visit their father at the time of the prison release.

The daughters surprised their beloved dad by hiding in the back seat of their car and had sprung up to scare him when he got in the front.

“Lori and the girls were ecstatic to have him back home, but it was very bittersweet,” according to In Touch Weekly. “There were a lot of tears and hugging, but he’s changed. It scared Lori to see her one-time protector so beaten down.”

A source told In Touch Weekly, Lori Loughlin is trying her best to save her marriage with Mossimo Giannulli, especially now that he is released.

The prison time has been mentally taxing on both Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin.

“After almost five months in prison, Mossimo is finally out. Prison definitely took a toll on him,” the insider revealed. “He doesn’t expect sympathy but he’s still struggling to adjust to what he went through. It really broke him down and forced him to reevaluate his life.”

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