“My Heart My Person”, Ariana Grande Shows Her Love For Dalton Gomez

“Thank u so much for being u.”

Ariana Grande recently posted three snaps that featured her fiancé, Dalton Gomez, on her Instagram account, on Saturday. In the first photo, the singer was seen relaxing in front of a fireplace with her fiancé, Dalton Gomez. The second and third snap showed Ariana Grande being kissed on her cheek. She wrote the caption, ‘my heart my person !!! thank u so much for being u.’ The pictures clearly showed Ariana Grande’s love for Dalton Gomez.

Ariana Grande wore a full sleeve black coloured t-shirt and blue jeans in the first snap. And she wore a white shirt in the second and third snap.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s bond grew stronger amid the quarantine period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A month earlier, the couple was also seen on a date in Los Angeles. Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez got engaged in December. According to sources, “He likes keeping his relationship with Ari private.”

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Dalton Gomez went back for his job in Los Angeles. However, Ariana joined him on the West Coast. “It was getting tricky for them to see each other, so she decided to take her chance,” a source added. “She purchased a house in the Hollywood Hills in June and never looked back. They are incredibly happy.”

Ariana’s family seems to be “very happy” about their engagement.

According to sources, “Ari’s family is very happy. Everyone loves Dalton. He is great for Ari,” the insider said at the time. “This phase of her life has been very quiet and uneventful in a good way. They are very happy that she is marrying Dalton.”

According to sources, “It’s a happy time. Everyone is happy, families are happy. They could not be more excited. Ariana is still madly in love with Dalton and is head over heels. It’s a very healthy relationship. They love to be ‘normal’, and Ari loves that he is very down to earth. He balances her out from the crazy industry she is in. They spend a lot of time hanging out at her house being low-key.”

The songwriter earlier also dated Big Sean and dancer Ricky Alvarez. She was later in a relationship with Mac Miller. Ariana broke up with Mac Miller a few months before he passed away from a drug overdose in 2018.

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