Naomi Scott On Her Disney Career And How She Coped Through Difficulties

Naomi Scott opens up about how she got into Disney!

Naomi Scott’s new audio podcast

Naomi Scott has been recently involved in a dark thriller audio podcast project, ‘Soft Voice’ which is approaching the end of it’s 10-episode span. On the occasion of it’s release, the 27-year-old actress had joined Collider for an episode of Ladies Night, where she talked about her career so far in the entertainment industry and other achievements.


She plays the role of Lydia in ‘Soft Voice’, who is a woman who pays attention to everything the voice in her head asks her to do in order to achieve success. However, a new voice pops up in her head out of the blue one day and threatens Lydia’s daily routine.

Who was Naomi Scott’s biggest influence?

Naomi Scott, who is best known for her voice acting role as Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin, revealed that Kéllé Bryan, a member of the R&B group Eternal, was a huge influence early on in her career.


“I couldn’t think of a better mentor for that age and where I was at. Kéllé’s amazing and such a good friend of mine,” said the actress.

How did Naomi end up working with Disney?

She also revealed that it was Kéllé, who pushed her to try out for Disney.


“Me and my parents met with her and I think my parents had a very good balance in terms of being protective, in terms of, ‘Okay, we are not well versed in this world. We know there is all sorts of stuff that goes on, especially for a young person.’ To also being like, ‘We know this is what you want to do. We want to support you and what you want to do.’ And so one of the first things [Kéllé] said to me was, ‘Oh, Disney will eat you all up.’ I remember it so, so clearly, which is just crazy to me because that was not only the first job that I got was with Disney Channel, but then, you know, I have bit of a history with Disney!” exclaimed Scott.

Her British Vogue masterclass and advice for aspiring actors and actresses

Earlier in the month of March 2021, Naomi Scott featured in an episode of British Vogue masterclass titled, “Vogue Visionaries”, where the actress reminisced about the times she was made to feel “difficult” at work and had to fight back against it.

“We’ve all been there when you feel uncomfortable or you’re not sure about something and if you speak up you’re kind of made to feel like, ‘Oh you’re being a bit difficult’ and I would just say it’s never going to be as bad as you think,” said the actress.

“You have to listen to that gut feeling and speak up if you don’t feel comfortable. You need to make sure you protect yourself and do whatever it is you need in order to do your job,” she added.

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