News For Baywatch Fans: Pamela Anderson Reveals That She Still Owns Her Iconic Baywatch Red Swimsuit!

Oh, and she says she still fits into it!

Pamela Anderson and her iconic Red Swimsuit from the 1989 show ‘Baywatch’ have made it back to the news. Baywatch was one of the most watched shows back in the day and many people still aren’t over how gorgeous Pamela looked in beachwear. In her recent interview with Fox News, the star revealed that the suit still lies in her “Top Drawer” and she occasionally wears it around her living room too. 

I have worn it on occasion just to be funny with my friends while trying to try to give them mouth to mouth!” says Pamela while remembering her Baywatch days. 

Pamela Anderson on confidence

Did you know that Anderson, who made the ‘Red bodysuit’ a trend, was painfully shy at the beginning of her acting career? In the interview, Pamela took a moment to mention that people are their own worst critics and that nobody cares as much. She also advises her young fans to not overthink what others have to say about them. To quote her, “just do something you really want to do.”  

What does Pamela Anderson think of the show’s remake?

On being asked how Pamela felt about the show being adapted into a movie in 2017, she said that she didn’t like it. In her opinion, “Trying to make these movies out of television is just messing with it”. Seems like Pamela wasn’t quite impressed by the idea of someone playing her role. 

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Pamela Anderson and her love life

The conversation also escalated to topics that threw light on the star’s personal life. Rumours had it that Pamela had been married five times in the past. She clears the air by saying that she, in fact, has tied the knot thrice. The hot Canadian model also revealed recently that she had called it quits with her previous partner, Jon Peters, way before the paperwork even reached the desk. The actress also added that she’s hoping to give marriage one more chance.

We hope love finds its way to Pamela Anderson this time. Meanwhile, her fans can hope they’re the lucky one this time. Wishes do come true, right?

Cover Image Source: Twitter

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