Nick Jonas And Shakira Offer Advice To Camila Cabello For The Voice Stint

They asked her to beware of Blake Shelton!

Nick Jonas and Shakira had a few wise words of advice for Camila Cabello, who is all set to act as a coach for The Voice, as was announced by NBC on Sunday. The 25-year-old ‘Havana’ singer will be filling in for Kelly Clarkson, who recently dropped out from the popular reality music show.

Nick Jonas and Shakira are excited about having Camila Cabello as The Voice coach

ET caught up with Nick Jonas and Shakira, who had nothing but good things to say about Camila Cabello joining The Voice team as a judge and coach. The duo was promoting their upcoming competition series, Dancing With Myself at NBC Upfronts on Monday.

“I would say to her, be careful with Blake Shelton,” said the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer jokingly. “Just ignore him like he’s not even there,” added Nick. “Blake, we love you,” insisted Shakira. The Jonas Brothers star proceeded to say that the “Psychofreak” hitmaker is “gonna kill it” as a coach.


“There’s nothing like being a part of the Voice family,” he said. “It really is a special group, and they always do such a good job at putting great people together and the energy’s always good, so I think she’ll have a good time,” he added.

In an interview with Extra at the same event, Nick Jonas and Shakira said similar things about Camila Cabello and her new role as The Voice coach. “Camila is going to kill it,” said Jonas. “I think it’ll be a lot of fun for her,” he continued.  “It’s a great group, apart from Blake, of course,” he added. “Be careful, Camila,” added Shakira.


The duo’s new show Dancing With Myself

The pair also went on to talk about their latest show Dancing With Myself with both the news portals. The show focuses on contestants performing new and zesty dance challenges which they are assigned on the spot. They are expected to learn the routine on stage in a short period of time, add their own touch to it and then perform it in front of the audience in their respective pods. Although Shakira, Jonas and fellow judge Liza Koshy provide the contestants with instant feedback and words of encouragement, it is ultimately up to the audience to decide who wins and takes home the cash prize.


“I think it’s a show for everybody, not only for professionals,” said Shakira speaking to ET. “Most of the contestants who participated… they just enjoy dancing and want to share their passion for it. They wanna express themselves, and I think this show is gonna be an excellent platform for that,” she added.

“I think the thing for me that was so special about this was just watching people being given this opportunity to do what they love where the stakes are high. Sure, it’s a competition, but it’s really just about expressing yourself and having fun, which is really what dance should be,” agreed Nick. “As a person that would not consider myself a professional dancer, I think I connected with that the most,” he continued. “And the chance to connect with Shakira and Liza was great, so I think people will love this show. There’s nothing like it on TV,” he added.

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