Nick Jonas Returns Home After Being Hospitalized For Injury On Set

He sustained injuries on the sets of a mysterious project

Over the weekend, Nick Jonas was hospitalized due to an unknown injury on the sets of a mysterious show. Not to worry though, he seems to have recovered and made a safe return home.

According to TMZ reports, the “Close” singer sustained injuries while filming on Saturday night. But the outlet’s sources “would not disclose the nature” of the accident. The injury, however, looks serious enough for Nick to be hospitalized at a local hospital.

Given the highly secretive nature of his project, TMZ’s sources are refusing to disclose the name of his project.

Nick hasn’t shared any information about his hospitalization or his following recovery on any of his social media accounts.

Before being hospitalized, Nick‘s latest social media posts are from 5 days ago, thanking his followers. He expressed his gratefulness for the overwhelming support of his fans in helping him and wife Priyanka Chopra reach their goal of raising $1 million to provide relief to the Covid-19 crisis in India.

Despite the hospitalization, there is no delay in Nick’s schedule. Returning to his coaching duties, he will appear on Monday night’s episode of The Voice as planned.

It is important to note Nick Jonas is a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 13. Which means he must be needing some extra care with his injury.

While we await Nick‘s comments on his hospitalization-, in an interview last week, he told British GQ how he felt about internet comments about his body.

“I think when it’s comments attached to things like appearance and body image, that’s when it can become quite dangerous. Because no one ever knows what someone is going through or how it affects them personally,” he shared about people talking about his “dad bod.”

“They’re very sensitive topics. But in the same way, you live a public life and therefore parts of your life are going to be talked about and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fair. It’s just a part of your reality. I’m always hopeful that people will think about whether they would say it at a dinner party if the person was sitting opposite you and I’d guess that 99.9 per cent of people would say they wouldn’t.” 

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He further shared that he avoids Googling himself. “I don’t really google myself any more because Twitter is pretty helpful in that regard.”

“It feels way less self-absorbed just to go and look at your mentions as opposed to what Google is saying. But there was a time when I would probably have googled myself because our life is so public. If there is something you should be aware of that’s out there it’s good to have a heads up. It’s not because I want to read about myself. I prefer when it’s quiet.”

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