Nicki Minaj Is All Up For Britney Spears’ Dance Moves; Defends Legendary Pop-Star

Girls supporting girls is the best thing ever!

Britney’s “apology” note for her dance moves

It seems like Nicki Minaj has a few words of encouragement for Britney Spears! Britney, who is currently taking her life back after having her 13-year-long conservatorship terminated, recently posted an “apology” note on Instagram, asking her fans to excuse her for her dance moves, along with a short clip of her showing off some of those moves.

“I recorded 30 videos of dance when I was in Maui 🏝 … that’s fun to me !!! I know I’m not the best dancer, a lot of people make fun of the way I move but honestly as long as I’m moving and expressing my body outwardly in someway at this point … that’s healing to me !!! Therapy is all mind work 🤯 … I did that 10 hours a day, 7 days a week when I was abused … there’s nothing worse than torture of the mind … I’d rather someone slap my face than fuck with my mind !!! Dancing 💃🏻 you don’t think at all … I know my actions are not perfect but if you only knew how good it feels to feel with my body … I think most would get it !!! Bare with me, I’m learning 📚 !!! God bless you all !!!” she wrote.

Nicki Minaj is the pop-idol’s biggest fan and supporter

And the 39-years-old “Anaconda” hit-maker was having none of that “apology”. ““Not the best dancer? BRITNEY! PUT YOUR CROWN BACK ON & LEAVE IT THERE BABY!!!!!!” the rapper wrote in the comments section. “You ARE the best dancer!!! Settled that, what’s next?” she commented below the video.


Nicki Minaj is Britney Spears’ greatest supporters and her comment on the former’s post proved it. Back in 2011, the rapper and singer had teamed up with the legendary pop-sensation on the official remix version of the latter’s hit song “Till The World Ends” from her Femme Fatale era. The duo was also joined by singer Ke$ha. Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears’ friendship has come a long way since then.


Britney Spears, who is currently celebrating her freedom from a very long conservatorship and her toxic family, recently also posted a bunch of nude risque pictures on the beach, and her fans were all for her, showing their support.

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