Nicole Kidman Recalls The Time She Slapped Meryl Streep On Big Little Lies

It was a pretty heated scene!

Big Little Lies fans would distinctly remember this one intense scene from season 2 where Nicole Kidman’s Celeste slaps her mother-in-law, Mary Louise, played by the legendary Meryl Streep. And it wasn’t a gentle slap, it was a loud, glasses-off-the-face smack.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host asked Nicole Kidman what we have all been wondering ever since that episode aired – how did she manage to do it?

“I didn’t want to hurt her gorgeous delicate face!” the 53-year-old actress said, admitting that it was a bit “nerve-racking”. But lucky for her, both of them were deep into their characters and weren’t thinking about anything else.

“We were so into it, both of us, character-wise. So we were kind of circling each other at the time. She would sit in one corner, I’d sit in another,” the Undoing star said.

“But when I came to do it — we did it a number of times — I knocked her glasses off by accident because I hit her,” Nicole Kidman added. “I think that’s the one they used, if I remember correctly. Her glasses sort of go askew.”

“But I never hit her face. I’m pretty good with that.”

At this point, host Jimmy Fallon admitted that he would’ve fallen on the floor laughing had he knocked someone’s glasses off their face. But who would dare laugh after slapping Meryl Streep? We bet Kidman just wanted to get this scene over with.

“I practiced on my mom at home a little bit,” Kidman further admitted, much to Fallon’s amusement.

But there are no hard feelings between Kidman and Streep, and they even went on to star together in the musical comedy The Prom.

Speaking about The Prom, Nicole Kidman heaped praises on her co-star Streep. “Meryl, on the first day of rehearsal, showed up and was ready to go,” Kidman recalled. “She did the number, and I just broke into applause in the rehearsal room. The woman is insanely talented.”

“We all had to go ‘We’d better get our act together.'”

About Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep’s future projects

Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are reportedly in talks to play Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in a new Amazon Studios movie, Being the Ricardos.

Directed by Aaron Sorkin, the movie follows a week on the production of I Love Lucy, and how it almost put Lucille and Desi’s marriage in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Meryl Streep recently starred in Let Them All Talk, which is available on HBO Max. She will also be seen in Netflix’s star-studded film, Don’t Look Up, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett and others.

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