Nicole Kidman’s Coats From ‘The Undoing’ Are The Real Killer Of The Series

“I’m in the coat and then the coat became a part of me.”

HBO’s new miniseries, The Undoing, is taking the Internet by storm, and the only thing that people can’t stop talking about apart from the murder mystery are Nicole Kidman’s coats.

Boasting an A-list cast helmed by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, the storyline becomes a whodunnit murder mystery set in New York City’s Upper East Side, presenting each of the show’s core characters dressed in styles to convey certain messages about their personalities, which exudes Manhattan’s elite vibe. 

The way Kidman steps out in posh-meets-Bohemian-looking coats in the six episodes make them the “iconic” element of the series.

Designed by Danish costume designer Signe Sejlund, the double-breasted, large hoods, and full-skirted lavish winter coats have left the fashion critics floored by Grace’s AKA Nicole Kidman’s closet.

Check out Nicole Kidman’s Coats from The Undoing for the much-needed winter wardrobe inspiration.

The Green Velvet Coat

Right from the sheen of the fabric and the heaviness with which it hangs from Nicole Kidman’s body, you can tell that this calf-length, sludge-green coat with wide lapels and a hood is one of the most expensive pieces from her closet.

“I wanted her to be able to walk around New York and stand out and blend in at the same time,” Signe told PopSugar speaking of Grace’s unique aesthetic, one that underlies every one of her fashion choices.

“I think that’s what you get from a coat that has such a volume and such length,” she added.

“I’m in the coat and then the coat became a part of me. That’s what a filmmaker does,” Kidman told Entertainment Weekly. “They choose visually how to express things, and the coat is iconic. In a way, it is the through-line of the whole series. It protects me but it’s also my identity. It’s got so many layers to it. It’s my barrier and my shield from the world, but it also envelops me.”

The Red Velvet Coat

Wrapped in a textured crimson belted coat with wide lapels and extra-long sleeves, Kidman is seen rocking the red coat in several scenes walking around New York City.

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Talking about the choice of colour, Signe explained that she wanted to fill Grace’s wardrobe with jewel tones to evoke a sense of warmth. “It tells you she’s a warm person compared to Franklin, [Grace’s father, who wears] more greys and blues, so [his wardrobe has a] colder tone to it,” she said.

The Floral Cream Coat

Though floral might not be the obvious choice for the courtroom, but it reflects upon Grace’s ’70s-inspired bohemian style. What stole our heart was the belt tie giving the coat the perfect shape.

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The Classic Plaid Wool Coat 

A vintage piece that never goes out of style, the classic plaid wool coat also made it to Grace’s closet for one of those fuss-free yet stylish dressing days. 

THE Cape!

Last but not the least, the show-stealer garment designed by Signe remains the gold-toned cape, which Grace rocked for a black-tie fundraiser event for her son’s elite private school. 

With appliquéd flowers, this sartorial wonder of gem-studded tops our charts. Talking about it, Signe said, “It is an almost like a Japanese metallic embroidery. She leaves the event and walks around New York and she needed to have something over the Givenchy gown. Something a little mysterious and not what the other woman would wear. And it needed to work at night, it had to reflect.”

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