Nikki Bella’s Postpartum Struggles: The Star Gets Candid About Her Experience

Nikki tore up talking about her experience.

Nikki Bella’s postpartum struggles have been real, and the star got candid about it all in the latest episode of Total Bellas.

“I just feel confused ’cause I’m a new mom and, for some reason, thought I can handle it or do it all,” she told her twin sister Brie Bella.

Artem Chigvintsev and fiance Nikki Bella’s baby, whom they have named Matteo, was born in July 2020. But the former WWE wrestler found herself in a tough spot when, soon after the baby’s arrival, Artem left to film Dancing With The Stars.

“There’s a part of me that wants to discipline him for it,” Nikki said before she broke down. “It’s been so f****** hard. I’m trying to keep it together and…I’m about to lose it. I’m about to have a massive breakdown.”

She added that she doesn’t want to give Artem a “hard time” for his decision to go on the show, but it isn’t being easy for her.

Nikki Bella’s Postpartum
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As it was revealed on the show, Nikki Bella’s postpartum depression had her doctor worried too.

“So, the other day, my doctor was telling me people fall deep into postpartum depression and that she was worried about me,” Nikki shared. “Because, she knows as a woman where our minds can be. The highs and lows are so extreme.”

She revealed that her doctor has suggested her some medications.

Nikki Bella’s postpartum depression talks with Katherine Schwarzenegger

On her Instagram Live with Katherine Schwarzenegger in November, Nikki opened up about the struggles she was facing as a new mother.

She revealed she too was suffering from postpartum depression, but her situation was different, given how her fiance Artem had to leave for work.

“Here Matteo was four weeks old and Artem got Dancing With The Stars,” she began. “I was like ‘I wanna be supportive’ and like ‘Go, I’ll be fine!'”

Nikki said that she and Artem have always worked like a “team”. “Through pregnancy, through this pandemic, the first four weeks, I was just like I have a great thing going.”

“When he left, my world got shook,” she added. “I was like oh my gosh I can’t do this on my own, why did I say I could do this on my own, but now I need to be supportive and just keep my mouth shut and not be negative.” 

Nikki said she was juggling with so many things at home while Artem “was having the time of his life”.

And this is how Nikki Bella’s postpartum depression started kicking in. Not only was she struggling with motherhood, but she was also hating on herself, her body, and missing her fiance all the same.

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