Not Meant To Be! Irina Shayk And Kanye West Are Already Cooling Off

She’s giving him a cold shoulder.

American rapper-songwriter Kanye West‘s surprising summer romance with Russian model Irina Shayk is not going well- the newly rumored couple are already cooling off.

Sources report that Kanye West proposed a plan to Irina Shayk to travel to Paris for a couture show with him, but Irina declined. Sources reveal that Irina only likes Kanye “as a friend”-

“She likes him as a friend, but doesn’t want a relationship with him.”

Irina Shayk also does not want to associate with Kanye West in terms of them dating-

“She doesn’t want the association that they are dating, which is what would have run in the press if she showed up in Paris with him. It would have been another month of news saying that they are dating.”

The two were first spotted together in public for the first time while on vacation in Provence, France, as they were celebrating Kanye’s 44th birthday. Kanye was seen smiling as the two took a stroll in a vineyard. Irina further said that she was attending Kanye’s birthday “as a friend”.

The source further adds that Irina is “happy being single” at the moment and “doesn’t want to be linked with anyone right now.”

Irina Shayk is ‘pulling back’ from relationship with Kanye West

The love just keeps fading between Kanye West and Irina Shayk. Sources report that “Kanye and Irina aren’t speaking quite as much anymore”, and Irina “wants to remain friends and keep communication open, but she’s pulling back a bit.”

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Irina does not want any distractions, especially during Paris Fashion Week.

“Irina does like Kanye, but isn’t ready for so many public appearances together all over the [world] for the coming months.”

Meanwhile, Kanye West is seemingly unbothered by the fading romance, as the rapper was “in a really happy mood” when meeting up with his friends in San Francisco. The 44-year-old rapper met with a group of friends at the International Smoke restaurant in San Francisco, where they watched the Phoenix Suns play the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA finals over some good food. Kanye appeared to be “relaxed and comfortable”.

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