On Amy Winehouse’s 10th Death Anniversary Friends And Family Release A Documentary

The world recalls the jazz singer!

Amy Winehouse’s family and friends remembers her with a special tribute

On 23 July, Friday, the world remembers singer Amy Winehouse on her 10th death anniversary. The late singer lost her life due to alcohol poisoning 10 years back when her bodyguard discovered her body in her Camden, London apartment. Am,y who was just 27-year-old at the time of her death, was a great singer who had produced a lot of good music and has won 5 Grammy Awards for her magnificent work throughout the years.

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After her death in 2011, some old collections of her music have been released by her family, including 2011’s Lioness: Hidden Treasures, and Amy from 2015. And now her father Mitch Winehouse wants to release some of her early recordings. However, he claims, they might not be as good as her final studio album, Back To Black. “We found a few bits and pieces but it is difficult because the CDs are a bit corrupted. But apparently, we have been told that we might be able to rescue something,” he told BBC. “I would like Amy’s fans to hear all this stuff so they can see she started there and she ended up there. It might not be as good as Back To Black but, from what I have heard from the snippets, it’s good,” he added.

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While Amy Winehouse’s family and friends are remembering her on her 10th death anniversary, they have released books and documentaries to recall and revisit their time with the late singer.

One of Amy’s childhood friends, Tyler James, has published My Amy: The Life We Shared, a memoir of their time together. While talking to Times Radio previously, he said, “don’t think people like Amy come up very often and I don’t think people like her will come up very often in the future because now, to be an artist, you have to have a whole bunch of other skills.”

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Reclaiming Amy

Janis and Mitch Winehouse along with their daughter’s friends are featured in a new BBC Two documentary, titled Reclaiming Amy. This documentary shows the other side of Amy Winehouse, one which only her family and friends knew before her death in 2011. The docu is narrated by her mother, Janis, and it talks about her childhood, her career, her addiction, and what led to her death.

In this documentary, Janis and Mitch can be seen criticizing Asif Kapadia’s 2015 Oscar-winning documentary Amy. Mitch reveals that Asif’s documentary blamed him for not doing enough to help Amy at the height of her addiction and that she had a bad childhood, which resulted in her bad future. Janis feels that ‘Amy’ did not do her daughter justice.

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‘Reclaiming Amy,’ is a short documentary made by those who have lived with Amy for most of their lives. “The way Amy turned out wasn’t because she wasn’t raised right,” one of her friend claims. While another friend explains how happy Amy was when her music career took off. “That’s when things were really great,” she says. She enjoyed her life when her debut album ‘Frank’ came out, she loved that time in her life but as another one of the friends then whisper,  “it all kicked off.”

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As her second album Back to Black was released it made Amy international fame and at the same time, she began struggling from addiction and bulimia. This is where it all began. The narrators can be heard explaining that throughout those last tough years of her life, nobody knew how to help her. “She married the wrong man, lost her beloved grandmother Cynthia, and endured an eating disorder,” claims her friends. The documentary ends with Mitch saying that nobody is to blame for the singer’s death. “The culprit is addiction.” 

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