One Direction Reunion Not On Cards Since Zayn Malik Has Cut Off From The Boys, Says Niall Horan

Do we sniff bad blood?

“We have all said individually that we will and I think it would be stupid if we didn’t.”

It hasn’t been long since Niall Horan made that statement and ignited a huge fire of hope in the hearts of all the One Direction fans out there. The band has been dysfunctional for close to four years now and the possibility of a reunion shook up the entire world. 

Niall Horan opens up about the band’s future 

In a recent interview, Niall Horan revealed a lot about the band dynamics and how a reunion is highly unlikely. He mentioned that Zayn Malik has not been in touch with any of them and therefore they have not had any discussion about a musical get-together. 

Do we sniff bad blood? Na-ah! 

While Niall Horan was honest with the media about their relations, he was also open about how none of them are on bad terms with each other. He went on to say that Zayn Malik is a difficult guy to keep in touch with owing to his busy schedule. When asked if he knows anything about Zayn’s upcoming projects he said, “He’d probably tell you that himself to be fair. I don’t particularly talk to him a lot. If he’s got something coming out or something I will text him. He might not reply but I’ll give him a shout. After the band, he left for his reasons and then he never really spoke to us much afterwards.” 

Overall, we get a sense that the band members clearly have not given the reunion a thought and are going to let things take their course of time. In fact, Niall Horan again emphasized how he would personally love for them to join forces again to create some amazing music. We feel ya, Niall, we would be euphoric too! 

What really happened to One Direction? 

The band was on an all-time high when suddenly in March 2015 Zayn Malik called it off and left the band leaving the four boys to take it forward. They did stick around for a while until they officially ‘went on a break’ in 2016. The break has now lasted too long and fans have been clinging on to the recent One Direction reunion rumors with utmost hope and enthusiasm. Now that Niall Horan has made it clear that the reunion is not exactly taking any solid shape, looks like the wait is going to be longer. 

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