Our ‘Dhadak Girl’, Janhvi Kapoor Turns Twenty-Three! How Much Do You Know Her?

Here’s wishing this cutie a fulfilling and beautiful life

Janhvi Kapoor is celebrating her twenty-third birthday today. While the actress garnered a lot of fans with the young-adult love story, ‘Dhadak’, alongside Ishan, her role in the anthology horror flick, Ghost Stories, got her critical acclaim. She proved that she is more than her surname and the family she belongs to. The charming actress rightfully accredits her family for her success up until now. But has made sure that people know for who she is. 

As the actress turns 23, let’s take a look at some of the lesser known facts about Janhvi Kapoor.

She turned down a big time South project

Before being cast for ‘Dhadak’ and becoming a household name pretty quickly, Janhvi had her fair share of run-ins with opportunities. She was offered a big South Indian movie project alongside superstar Mahesh Babu, which would have been directed by Ghajni director AR Murugadoss. She turned it down because she felt she wasn’t ready for it yet. 


Her mother didn’t want her to be an actress

Our beloved Sridevi was never openly an admirer of the industry and kept a distance from the hustle bustle of B town as much as she could. And this was also a part of what she envisioned for her kids. Sridevi didn’t want Janhvi to enter the film industry, she even said I’d rather see you married than in movies, but once Janhvi had made up her mind, she didn’t create any hindrance. 

Now, we’re sure, wherever Sridevi is, she must be proud of Janhvi and what she has become. 

The reason ‘Simmba’ slipped away from her hands

The Rohit Shetty film which acted as the launching pad for Janhvi’s closest contemporary, Sara Ali Khan, was also offered to the Dhadak star. But Janhvi prematurely discussed it somewhere and that did not fare well for her. But in the bigger picture, Sara and Janhvi both had blockbuster debuts.

Janhvi has just watched 5 out of the 300 movies her mother acted in 

Blame it on the technological advancement or the pace of movies, if you’re not a proper movie buff, it is tough to sit through old movies. So, Janhvi hasn’t watched a lot of her mother’s movies yet. 

Her Bollywood Crush 

Even before coming to the industry, she was a huge fan of Rajkumar Rao. So much was the admiration that she left fangirl comments on his Instagram post, while she still hid away in anonymity. In a show called Feet up with the stars, Janhvi publicly revealed her love for the hotties. 

On her 24th birthday, we wish the cutie a fulfilling and beautiful life. May she bring happiness to many more lives with her ever luminating persona. Happy Birthday, Janhvi!  

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