Paris Hilton Marks The 15th Anniversary Of Her Iconic Car Photo With Britney & Lindsay

“Most of these problems were caused by the media.”

Paris Hilton is proud of how far she, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan have come.

Hilton, who recently married Carter Reum and is currently on her honeymoon, revealed in a new episode of her podcast This Is Paris that it has been 15 years since she was photographed in a car with Spears and Lohan outside of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

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In recent years, the iconic 2006 image, which marked a certain period in celebrity culture when Hilton was the unofficial head of the young Hollywood social scene, has been much analysed. Hilton, who had a long-running dispute with Lohan, claimed that she and Spears’ night out was ruined by the Mean Girls star.

“I didn’t want to humiliate her in front of all the paparazzi and be like, ‘Get out of my car,’” she told Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy in 2018.

Now, Paris Hilton, who said Joy Saha’s NYLON article “Paris, Britney, and Lindsay: The Triumph of the Bimbo Summit” reminded her of the photo’s anniversary, has nothing but praise for Spears and Lohan.

The singer of “…Baby, One More Time” was just released from a highly publicized 13-year conservatorship and announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari. Lohan just stated that she and her boyfriend, Bader Shammas, have said “yes” to marrying each other.

“I saw Lindsay got engaged, and I know that we’ve had our differences in the past, but I just wanted to say congratulations to her,” Hilton gushed. “I am genuinely very happy for her, and it just makes me so happy to see. Fifteen years later, and so much has happened in the past two weeks. I got married, Britney got her freedom back and engaged. Lindsay just got engaged. I love seeing how different our lives are now, and how much we’ve grown up.”

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Paris Hilton, now 40, reflected on the drama of her early twenties, saying, “Looking back on it, I can see how most of these problems were caused by the media. In the 2000s, that’s what it was all about. They loved pitting women against each other. Every single magazine cover would say, ‘So and so hates this person,’ ‘Feud,’ just causing more drama than there even was.”

“I’ve had so many stories written about me and girls that I hardly even know, or maybe met once on a red carpet and they got a photo of us,” she continued. “If they had no story, they would just get away with inventing a story, because that’s what sold papers. With the internet, it’s changed so much, that whole landscape, but at the time, it was so vicious.”

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