Pedro Pascal On His Childhood And How He Got The Part Of ‘The Mandalorian’

“Can we just cut the s— and talk about the Child?”

Pedro Pascal opened up about his childhood and how he got the role in ‘The Mandalorian’ in a recent interview with Variety.

While Pedro had a rough childhood with him migrating from his hometown in Santiago, Chile to the United States,, things looked up in his life in San Antonia where he became familiar with the pop culture of the West as he went to the movies with his family regularly and at times on multiple days a week.

In 1978, Pedro Pascal went to see the classic superhero movie ‘Superman’ starring the fan favourite late actor, Christopher Reeves wearing the blue tights and the red cape. Unfortunately, Pedro had to go to the bathroom in-between the movie and his parents letting him go all by himself along with the fact that he was 4-years-old at the time, did not go so well for the Game of Thrones star.  “I didn’t really know how to read yet,” said Pascal in his iconic grin. “I did not find my way back to ‘Superman.'” Instead, he ended up in the wrong theatre auditorium where he watched the drama ‘Kramer vs. Kramer,’ which resulted in him falling asleep. This event in his life couldn’t be a better foreshadowing to his role in the upcoming DC flick ‘Wonder Woman 1984’.

How Pedro Pascal Got The Role Of The Mandalorian

When Pedro Pascal hadn’t even heard of Disney Plus making a show set in the Star Wars universe which is now getting its second season, Jon Favreau who is the executive producer of ‘The Mandalorian’, knew he wanted Pedro in the shoes of a masked bounty hunter. “He feels very much like a classic movie star in his charm and his delivery,” stated Favreau. “And he’s somebody who takes his craft very seriously.”

Jon knew that to convince Pedro Pascal to wear a mask and hide his facial charms was going to be a hurdle, which has now led to allegations of disputes. To have him swoon over the role, Favreau took Pascal with him and made him understand his vision behind the show as both went to the conference room which was spread with storyboards which covered the plot of the first season. “When he (Pedro Pascal) walked in, it must have felt a little surreal,” said the executive producer. “You know, most of your experiences as an actor, people are kicking the tires to see if it’s a good fit. But in this case, everything was locked and loaded.”

The plan could not have worked better as Pascal stated with a laugh that “I hope this doesn’t sound like me fashioning myself like I’m, you know, so smart, but I agreed to do this [show] because the impression I had when I had my first meeting was that this is the next big s—,”

He also talked about the lack of control and improvisation, being in one of the biggest Franchises. “If there were more than just a couple of pages of a one-on-one scene, I did feel uneasy about not, in some instances, being able to totally author that,” opened up Pedro. “But it was so easy in such a sort of practical and unexciting way for it to be up to them. When you’re dealing with a franchise as large as this, you are such a passenger to however they’re going to carve it out. It’s just so specific. It’s ‘Star Wars.’”

“I mean, come on, there isn’t a face!” he stated with a almost sarcastic laugh. “If you want to say, ‘You’re the silhouette’ — which is also a team effort — then, yeah.” Then Pedro pulled the perfect segue to talk about the show’s viral character, Baby Yoda. “Can we just cut the s— and talk about the Child?”

Baby Yoda could’ve been another reason that made Pascal join The Mandalorian as he said- “Literally, my eyes following left to right, up and down, and, boom, Baby Yoda close to the end of the first episode,” he stated. “That was when I was like, ‘Oh, yep, that’s a winner!’”

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