Penn Badgley: Seven Of His Best Movies And TV Roles You Must Check Out

Penn Badgley’s best roles!

From You’s Joe Goldberg to Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl, Penn Badgley is always excellent in his performance. There are many other movies and series where you can see Penn Badgley at his best. The actor has always made it easy for his fans to fall in love with him with his choices of roles.

Here is a list of Top 7 performances of Penn Badgley-

Gossip Girl

Penn’s role as Dan Humphrey in the famous series Gossip Girl brought him a lot of fame. Penn Badgley’s character can be seen in every episode of Gossip Girl. He appeared in one hundred and twenty-one episodes of the show and played the role of the central character’s love interest. 


You was earlier streamed on the Lifetime TV network. It was a big flop and was canceled after its first season. However, it gained a lot of popularity when NETFLIX picked it up. Penn Badgley’s role as Joe Goldberg in YOU is full of crazy acts, obsession, and murder. His performance is fantastic in the show and has the charm to make his fans cheer for the bad boy. You is all set to return with its third season in 2021.

Parts Per Billion

Parts Per Billion comes under the category of romantic drama. The movie was released straight to video on demand without any theatrical release. In this movie, Penn Badgley plays the role of a struggling musician named Erik. Erik decides to live off of his family’s money and starts the production of biological weapons.

John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker Must Die is another rom-com that stars Penn Badgley. He played the role of Scott Tucker in the comedy “John Tucker Must Die.” The story revolves around John, who is considered a “player” in his high school. A group of his ex-girlfriends decides to stop John from hurting any other girl’s feelings.  


Penn Badgley was a child actor before he gained fame from Gossip Girl. He starred as Joel Larson in the first season of the show Do Over on The WB, where he plays the role of young Joel adorably. However, the show had only one season because of getting canceled.

Easy A 

Easy A is Emma Stone’s breakout movie as Olive Penderghast. Badgley plays the role of a romantic comedy lead named Woodchuck Todd. The film proves that Penn Badgley can play charming roles very well. 

Forever Strong

Forever Strong received mixed reviews from audience and critics alike after its release in September 2008. The film revolves around the story of a rugby player named Rick. Penn Badgley plays the role of Lars, a fellow rugby player and one of Rick’s friends.

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