Portia de Rossi Comes To Ellen DeGeneres’ Defence Amid Controversy

Says she stands by Ellen

Portia de Rossi has finally come out to support wife Ellen DeGeneres amid controversy around the latter’s eponymous show.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is receiving flak for its “toxic work culture”, apparent in the accusations made by a host of former and current employees.

Not many celebrities have voiced their opinion in favour of Ellen, making Portia one of the few.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are together in this

Breaking her silence, Portia de Rossi made an Instagram post to defend Ellen DeGeneres. She posted a picture which said “I Stand By Ellen” in bold. “To all our fans….we see you. Thank you for your support” the actress captioned it.

Portia added #stopbotattacks towards the end of her caption, suggesting that the allegations against Ellen’s show were baseless and unfounded.

Singer Brandi Carlile also made a favourable comment on Portia’s post.

“Ellen has made my life so much easier for me and other #LGBTQ people. I’ll never stop being grateful for that, but more importantly she’s NEVER stopped making life better and easier for all kinds of people. This attack is unprecedented,” Carlile wrote.

While the delay in Portia’s show of support is raising a few eyebrows, it is loud and clear that she has faith in Ellen and chooses to believe her “be kind” mantra.

Public support for Ellen DeGeneres during the scandal

Besides Portia, polo player Nacho Figueras recently rose to Ellen’s support and called out other celebrities for remaining tight-lipped. “I have been patiently waiting for someone with more authority than me to speak up about what a great human being [Ellen] is,” he started.

He further commended the show and the way it functioned. “I have been very lucky to be on that show many times and I can tell you that it is a very well run machine, everyone was super nice, not just to me but to each other and anyone involved.”

Speaking from experience, he refuted claims that Ellen was unkind to her staff. “I have seen Ellen act not just in her show but in public appearances in theaters where she is nice to absolutely everyone, the guy serving the coffee, the person in the elevator, the security guy and the owner of the venue.”

“We are all so scared to say what we really think and it seems that we are only relevant if we say whatever the trending social media topic is.”

Figueras concluded his caption with “So… we love Ellen right?” and tagged celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake.

Celebrity manager Scooter Braun also picked his side in the Ellen DeGeneres scandal.

But unlike Portia de Rossi and Braun, many others are continuing to speak up about Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘meanness’. Everybody Loves Raymond star Brad Garrett tweeted, “Know more than one who were treated horribly by her.⁩ Common knowledge.”

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