Pregnant Katy Perry Shares Her Excitement And Anxiousness Ahead Of The Due Date!

She is nervous about labour pain

Veteran singer Katy Perry is just a few weeks away from welcoming a new member to her family. She is all set to embrace the fabulous feeling of motherhood and is as excited as any other mother-to-be. However, Katy Perry has revealed that she has her own share of nervousness as the due date is approaching. The 35-year-old, who is in California at present, had connected to BBC’s One Show online and opened up about pregnancy details, upcoming work and more.

Pregnant Katy Perry is nervous about labour pain

Along with making it all clear that she is prepped up to take up the responsibilities of parenthood, Katy Perry divulged that she turns nervous while thinking about the labour pain. However, she  conveyed that she is pretty sure to overcome it. The popular celebrity also revealed that she had earlier helped her sister deliver two babies at home. “ I’m ready, not afraid, I’ve helped deliver my sisters babies in the living room, in a tub, on her bed, filming it.”, the singer said in the interview.

Katy Perry has nicknamed the new member

Well, Katy Perry has seemingly nicknamed the upcoming member. On a lighter note, she revealed that she would like to call the baby to be born ‘Kicky Perry’ as she moves around inside the womb whenever Katy eats something. Further, she also heaped praises on her partner Orlando Bloom for being supportive all along the pregnancy period. She added that down the lane they are planning to settle in London with their baby.

Katy Perry is excited about Smile

Katy Perry took part in the chat show in connection with the release of her upcoming album Smile. Amidst all the motherhood preparations, she has not kept her work-life away and has found the right balance. The well-known singer also revealed that she is pretty much happy about the fact that she is continuously working. For the uninitiated, her upcoming album is all set to arrive on August 14, 2020. Katy Perry also opened up that she has been shooting for a few performance videos. 

About the social media world

Katy Perry is one of the active celebrities on social networking platforms with a huge number of followers. “Social media is hard but everything starts at home, parents, boundaries and respect. You can’t point the figure on the outside”, she opined when asked about welcoming her daughter to the virtual world.

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