Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Appear Out In The Public, First Time Post Stepping Back From Royal Duties!

Harry and not the Prince!

For the first time since the recent famous “step back” of the Royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, were photographed out in the public. In a very casual outing, the couple was seen out on Valentine’s day as reports go. 

It was reported that the couple was spotted at Canada’s Victoria Airport on the 14th of February. Looking rather laid back and comfortable in their new lives, Prince Harry wore a baseball cap with sweater and the Duchess of Sussex was wearing a button-down shirt with a cardigan and black jeans.  True to the celebrations of the day, their son Archie wasn’t seen with them. 

Ever since the astonishing news, the couple has kept it low! 

Leaving the United Kingdom and moving to North America has been one nasty ride for the younger of the royal couples. Their decision to step down was obviously not taken well by Her Majesty and they were very publicly ousted. So, they were hardly seen on the radar anywhere. Although, Meghan Markle was known to be hiking in Vancouver with Archie and her dogs. Harry later joined after he reached the “Agreement” with her Majesty the Queen. 

There were a few public appearances! 

And even though their appearances have been few and far between, they have shown that they are not in any way lesser versions of their ‘royal’ selves. They visited the United States, (from where they were probably returning) where they attended a JPMorgan event in Miami in which Harry was a speaker. They also visited Stanford University to initiate talks about their future charitable entity with professors and academics.

Harry controlled the narrative as much as he could! 

In order to get the upper hand over other ‘sources’, Harry was very straight forward with their process and what this step meant. While addressing attendees at a charity dinner for his charity Sentebale last month, he talked about this huge step and what he thought about it. He started the topic with clarifying that it was Harry who was speaking and not the Prince. He said the decision was taken with a very heavy heart but after months of deliberation and after finding no other way out. He said that UK is his home and that will never change. And reassured his supporters that this will not be a hindrance in the larger fight against the evils of our society. 

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