Priyanka Chopra Surprises Hubby Nick Jonas Days Before Their First Anniversary!

Its a new family member!

Celebrity couple, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas added a new member to their family, in an eventful morning planned by Priyanka for Nick. She surprised Nick Jonas with a new German Shepherd Puppy, which they named Gino. This came right before the newlyweds celebrate their first anniversary on the first of December. 

Priyanka uploaded it all for us to adore!

Priyanka and Nick both uploaded a video on Instagram, in which Priyanka Chopra is seen waking up hubby Nick Jonas. After softly calling out his name twice, she turns the camera and brings in the cute puppy who climbs up on cue to wake his dad up.  

Gino’s on Instagram already! 

The new pup, Gino, already has an Instagram account and has some absolutely adorable pictures. Gino’s bio very rightfully says, “My daddy’s a rockstar”. And he already has quite a following too, with 270k followers. 

We can’t get enough of this cuteness! 

Gino has only a few photos as of yet but he’s looking super cute in all of them. And Nick Jonas casually hanging around looking pretty cute himself, just amps up the cutie-meter way too high! Look at these pieces of beauty! 

Fitting into the family! 

Since they already had a dog before Gino, a little cutie named Diana, they both are seen playing happily around the house in this video. It is captioned, ‘Big sis showing me around’ and it is one of the cutest things you’ll see on the internet today! 

A grand reunion 

Priyanka and Nick had been apart for quite some time now since Priyanka was in India for work. And they made the most of the coming together. It was a fun Thanksgiving in the Jonas’ household. Alongside the Jonas family, Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra was also there. Nick posted a video on Instagram wishing everyone, in which we see the extravagant buffet in front of him. There were also other videos posted as stories where Priyanka and Nick are goofing around with each other. They were talking crazy in the cutest way possible. And in the end, were seen getting caught by Nick’s mom Denise Jonas. 

Can there be a cuter couple? We think not! 

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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