Quintessential Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio Turns 45 Today – And We’re Still Fangirling

Wishing the heartthrob a Happy Birthday!

It’s Leonardo Dicaprio’s 45th birthday today and we’d like to simultaneously swoon and wish the heartthrob a Happy Birthday! Leo spent his previous birthday at an uptown restaurant called ‘Spring Place’ in L.A amidst his close friends and Hollywood’s A-listers. The star-studded bash saw the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston and Jonah Hill, among others and we can’t help but wonder how he’s going to spend this one. 

Early stardom and life

Leo was an only child of divorced parents. He went to school and was average in his studies, but took a liking to acting and creative arts when he was young. He started appearing in primetime commercials and faced several rejections when he went for auditions. With encouragement from his father, he landed his first break on the television series ‘Parenthood’ and went on to star in several other series and movies. 

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A hallmark of memorable Leonardo DiCaprio movies 

What makes Leo’s movies so special is his compelling performances and his complete metamorphosis into the role. This, along with his sheer grit, paved the way for several hits in his career. His most memorable movie will be Titanic, where he charmed us with the portrayal of passionate artist, Jack Dawson. His instant chemistry with co-star Kate Winslet, who played Rose Dewitt, not only earned him a lifetime of critical acclaim but left girls (and even men) all over the globe fangirling. Other classic ‘Leonardo Dicaprio’ movies include ‘What’s-Eating-Gilbert-Grape’, ‘The Wolf of Wall street’ and ‘Shutter Island’, among countless others. (All of his movies are a must-watch, aren’t they?) 

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The Oscar controversy

As Leonardo DiCaprio aged, his string of successful movies and series led him to fame to the point of ultimate fan-loyalty and a ton of prestigious awards. Over 6 academy awards for his role as a leading actor, 3 Golden Globes and numerous other awards led Leo to extreme global recognition. But what fans couldn’t grapple with was his multiple Oscar nominations, but never an Oscar win. Even though there were memes woven around his lack of recognition, the Oscar board received simultaneous backlash. Finally, the curse was broken and Leo bagged his first Oscar for his performance in the movie ‘The Revenant’. 

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The many Loves of Leo 

While Leonardo Dicaprio’s net worth remains a steady 245-million dollars, what has continuously changed is his choice of love-interests. From Demi Moore, Gisele Bundchen, Bar Rafaeli, Blake Lively (Whaaaattt?!), Toni Garnn, Kelly Rohrbach and even Rihanna, Leo’s girlfriends changed as frequently as the seasons. The paps have always wanted to know Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife, but seems like the actor is not one to settle. Currently, he’s dating model Cammila Morrone, who’s 21 years younger to him. But oh, well, who would care about age when the man in question is Jack?

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Leo and Environmental Activism 

Leonardo’s commitment to climate activism was planted during his childhood. He considered pursuing marine biology, but gave it up for his dream of becoming an actor. Still, he contributes to the environment more than any starlet, and has made several donations, along with funding his own organization for the cause. He even made a speech at the Oscars and continues to say ‘No more talk, no more excuses. We only get one planet.’

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Much like his movies, Leo’s life is pretty damn interesting. Someday, if we get to see a movie celebrating his life, we hope that whoever plays him does justice to the role. Meanwhile, we hope that the actor celebrates his birthday with a bang and continues to wow us with his movies. 

We love you, Leo.

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