Rapper Drake’s House Is Gigantic, Outrageous, And Looks Like Every Casino In Vegas Under One Roof!

“Drake is 33 with the interior design taste of a 50 year old mobster’s wife”

There are three kinds of rich people out there- ones who have it all but don’t like flaunting it, then there are the ones who do, and then there is Drake and his gigantic house swathed in all the bling he could possibly get his hands on. The rapper, with a net worth of $150 million, recently opened the doors of his “50,000-square-foot ultra-luxe pleasure dome,” something he had been “meticulously” planning since he was 27, to Architectural Digest. Look at all, the um…wealth? ‘Cause this one is far from “aesthetically pleasing”.

Designed by famed interior designer Ferris Rafauli, Architectural Digest describes Drake’s house as “a marvel of old-world craftsmanship, constructed of limestone, bronze, exotic woods and other noble materials.”

Well, while Architectural Digest is obliged to be all praise for Drake’s 50,000-square-foot property, dubbed “The Embassy,” which he purchased in 2015 for $6.7 million, Twitter has been alight with comments on the monstrosity Drake’s house seems to be. But before jumping on to the fun…

Here is a glimpse at what makes up Drake’s house/ mad giant mansion:

  • An official NBA regulation-size indoor basketball court with a 21-square-foot pyramidal skylight
  • The too-much-blinged suspended cantilevered block marble stairs and those Rafauli chandeliers with more than 20,000 pieces of hand-cut Swarovski crystal
  • The master two-storey closet with a diamond-tufted sofa. How many of those have you heard of?

There is a crazy “sneaker collection, and the array of precious Hermès Birkin bags that he has been amassing for years” and “seating upholstered in diamond-tufted shearling with polished nickel studs”.

We can go on and on about the bespoke Bösendorfer concert grand piano designed by Takashi Murakami and Rafauli in Drake’s ‘great room’ or the Hästens’ Grand Vividus’s bed in his 3,200sqft master bedroom, but there is probably no end to this giant palace and its eccentricities. 

“Because I was building it in my hometown, I wanted the structure to stand firm for 100 years. I wanted it to have a monumental scale and feel,” Drake said. “It’s overwhelming high luxury,” he added. “I wanted to make sure people can see the work I’ve put in over the years reflected from every vantage point.”

Well, he did nail  “overwhelming” us the hell out and many have been pretty vocal about *cough* “praising” Drake’s house and his…um, taste. Like Jezebel‘s Hazel Cills asked: “is being an art advisor for male celebs one of the easiest gigs? every house photoshoot: Murakami, Kaws, artfully placed action figures on a floating shelf,” also adding “it looks like the nice sections of Snowpiercer.” And oh, boy there are more…

All images source: Architectural Digest

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