Ray Fisher’s Character Cyborg Removed From The Flash Movie, Reveals The Actor

“if the end of my time as Cyborg is the cost for helping to bring awareness and accountability to Walter Hamada’s action – I’ll pay it gladly.”

Why has Ray Fisher’s character Cyborg been removed from the movie, Flash?

Ray Fisher’s clash with DC and Warner Bros. has lead to another loss for his career. The 33-year-old actor’s character Cyborg in Justice League is being removed because of his investigation against director Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns. Ray Fisher’s Cyborg character was going to have a big curve in the upcoming Flash movie but now he is no longer a part of the project.

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Ray Fisher’s Tweet against DC Film president Walter Hamada

Fisher took to his Twitter to announce the news which came just after he refused to work with DC Film president Walter Hamada. He said in his tweet, “I have received official confirmation that Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to remove me from the cast of The Flash, despite the misconception, Cyborg’s involvement in The Flash was much more than a cameo – and while I do mourn the lost opportunity to bring Victor Stone back to the screen, bringing awareness to the actions of Walter Hamada will prove to be a much more important contribution to the world.”

 Ray Fisher also called the president “the most dangerous kind of enabler.” and refused to work with him in any productions of DC Films. He also claimed that Walter has tried to “undermine” the investigation that was going on against his friend Geoff Johns. According to the tweet, Walter lied in a statement given on September 4, Fisher claimed, “Walter’s actions have transformed this narrative from an investigation of on-set misconduct in 2017 to the examination of the present-day cover-up culture of Hollywood. His contribution to Warner Bros. Pictures September 4th statement to The Wrap was false, cowardly, and reckless,”

Ray Fisher also talked about Joss Whedon’s behavior on the sets of Justice League. “Joss Whedon’s on-set treatment of the cast and crew of Justice League was gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable. He was enabled, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg,” he added. The actor also said that Hamada tried to get him to reveal the names of the “witness” so as to protect Geoff, pursuing his friendship with the director.

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Hamada was made aware of Whedon’s behavior even before Ray Fisher came forward with “the racist, coercive, discriminatory and retaliatory behavior” of Johns. But he told Fisher that it was above his pay grade, and made a “tastelessly self-aware joke” about not putting him on Twitter.

The actor concluded his tweet by saying, “I maintain that Walter Hamada is unfit for a position of leadership – I am willing, at any point, to submit to a polygraph test to support my claims against him. I don’t know how many instances of workplace abuse Walter has attempted to cover in the past, but hopefully, the Justice League investigation will be the last.”

“And if the end of my time as Cyborg is the cost for helping to bring awareness and accountability to Walter Hamada’s action – I’ll pay it gladly.”

“You reach a point in life where you simply must take a stand.”

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