Rebel Wilson Claims That Her Team Did Not Approve Of Her Weight Loss

‘I was earning millions of dollars being the funny fat girl.’

Rebel Wilson has made headlines as a result of her self-proclaimed “year of health” in 2020, which has resulted in a 70-pound weight loss. However, the actress has now revealed that not everyone was on board with her transformation ideas.

During an interview with BBC, Rebel Wilson recalled her team’s response to her weight loss.

“I got a lot of pushback from my own team actually here in Hollywood when I said, ‘OK I’m gonna do this year of health. I feel like I’m really gonna physically transform and change my life.’ And they were like, ‘Why? Why would you want to do that?’ Because I was earning millions of dollars being the funny fat girl and being that person.”

Wilson’s breakout performance as “Fat Amy” in the 2011 film Pitch Perfect cemented the link between her physical appearance and her fame. Despite the fact that the role earned her acclaim as one of Hollywood’s best comedy actresses, she told the BBC that she was aware that certain aspects of her health, particularly her relationship with food, needed to be addressed.

“I was still very confident being bigger and you know loved myself. I would rock a red carpet and was probably double the size and sometimes triple the weight of other actresses, but like I still felt confident in that,” she elaborated. “But I knew deep down inside some of the emotional eating behaviors I was doing was not healthy. Like I did not need a tub of ice cream every night… That was me, kind of numbing emotions using food, which wasn’t the healthiest thing.”

Wilson continued by saying that eating has become her coping method for “dealing with not being a natural performer and having to perform almost every day. That pressure and that internal stress to be able to perform like that.” She’s even admitted to being “very introverted,” telling the Daily Telegraph’s Stellar magazine that to deal with the attention she was getting, she would reward herself “with a block of chocolate.”

However, after reducing weight, that focus hasn’t waned.

“It’s fascinating,” Rebel Wilson said of the increased response to her weight loss to BBC. “Why are people so obsessed with it? With women, in particular, about their looks. I know what it’s like to be a woman who was essentially invisible to most people because of not being seen as traditionally beautiful or whatever. It’s crazy to try to fit that. It’s just better to be the healthiest version.”

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