Rebel Wilson Shows Off Weight Loss In A Pretty Pink Dress She Wore For ‘Senior Year’

Gorgeous as ever!

Rebel Wilson shared some amazing pictures from her upcoming movie Senior Year — flaunting her tremendous weight loss.

The photos saw the actress wearing a gorgeous, off-shoulder, pink prom gown. Her blonde hair were curled and she wore a corsage on her hand.

Rebel Wilson is currently in Atlanta shooting for Netflix’s Senior Year. The film follows the story of a cheerleader, who tries to regain her high school status after waking from a 20-year coma. Clueless star Alicia Silverstone also stars in the film.

Fans were happy to see Rebel Wilson’s Senior Year photos after her recent cryptic post

Rebel Wilson scared fans with a cryptic post she made a few days ago.

“Hey babe, you got this x I know it’s hard right now, I know you’re trying to deal with stuff – but let’s keep getting up every day and CRUSH IT – work out, hydrate, fuel your body with quality food …show your brilliant brain and your big heart. Remember the vision. Love you,” she wrote alongside a production still.

Her famous friends including Paris Hilton commented positive messages, further worrying fans about whether Rebel was alright.

But it seems like everything’s good — because just a day after the post, Rebel posted super cool images of her enjoying a “hot girl summer”.

Meanwhile, Rebel Wilson’s personal trainer recently revealed the secret behind her massive weight loss.

The Pitch Perfect actress has lost 65 lbs since she started her fitness and wellness journey around a year ago. Her trainer, Jono Castano, shared just how they went about it with Hello! Magazine.

He talked about making “walking a priority” — something which even Rebel emphasized on in her recent interview with Shape. The star revealed she kickstarted her fitness journey with an Austrian retreat, which taught her how “moderate, not even fast-paced, walking is the best way for me to lose unnecessary body fat.”

Castano added that he tells his clients to invest in exercise equipment. Moreover, he encourages them to document their weight loss journey, something we know Rebel Wilson did extremely well — through her social media.

It seems like Wilson followed all that she was told to, religiously. No wonder she saw amazing results!

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