Rebel Wilson Slammed As ‘Tone Deaf’ Over Her Reaction To Sydney Lockdown

Fans are blasting her for her comments

Rebel Wilson’s reaction to the Sydney lockdown did not sit well with people. Here’s the full story.

Here’s what Rebel Wilson had said about Sydney’s lockdown

Yesterday, the Pitch Perfect actress expressed her dissatisfaction with the authorities’ decision to impose a two-week lockdown. “Sydney WTF!!!” she wrote on an Instagram Story.

In another post, she shared a picture — clicked by her mother — of an empty supermarket shelf. This was followed by a snap where she wrote “You can’t keep locking down as a strategy.”

Rebel is an Australian but now lives in the US. She is currently in Atlanta shooting for her next, Senior Year.

Her comments towards the lockdown irked netizens, who criticized her for being “tone deaf”.

People are criticizing the Australian actress for her thoughtless reaction

 “Given she’s been flying about unimpeded on private jets and managing to keep up an impressive social life, I’m not really surprised Rebel Wilson’s attempt to lecture the collective NSW leadership on lockdowns has backfired so spectacularly. Tone deaf much?” one user tweeted.

Others blasted her for speaking out about the lockdown when she herself stays in the US.

Some others were far from sweet with their comments, mockingly calling Rebel an “epidemiologist”. They said she doesn’t understand the intensity of the situation because of her “privilege”.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user shared a montage of all that Rebel has been up to in the past year — while COVID was taking people’s lives.

“[Rebel Wilson] “slams” Sydney lockdown after spending the last two years of Covid jetting around the world with her billionaire BF in private jets,” another user wrote.

Back in February, the actress was criticized for taking a private jet to Florida to watch the Super Bowl — despite health advice to stay at home.

The Project also covered this story in their Monday episode. “Not sure smug rock-throwing from LA is the way to go for Rebel. I don’t think she’s done herself favors there, has she?” panelist Steve Price said, adding that it was a “stupid opinion”.

Host Waleed Aly provided a little context to Rebel’s remarks — explaining how people outside Australia don’t really agree to the idea of a lockdown.

“The one thing I would say is, I know a few Australians who live overseas, and it seems to me most of them feel like that,” he said.

Rebel Wilson hasn’t commented on this yet, but it’s clear that her reaction to the Sydney lockdown didn’t please anyone.

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