Red Cross Remembers Princess Diana, Releases A Diary Entry About Her

Remembering Lady Diana!

Princess Diana was a dedicated humanitarian and a charming person, a never-seen-before diary entry revealed

Princess Diana hated wearing hats, as revealed by a never seen before diary entry by Eileen Nichol from 1985. On the occasion of what would have been Diana’s 60th birthday, Eileen Nicol, 87, who was chairwoman of the British Red Cross-run Activenture holiday camp for children with disabilities in Sussex, recalls her small encounter with the Princess. Nicole drafted a diary entry of the day she met Diana in 1985, describing how loving and charming she was throughout.

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The entry reads, “{[The Princess] was charming. She has so much compassion for the children. She spoke to every one of them and got right down on the ground to look at a college and to speak to the little ones.”

“It rained, but that didn’t seem to matter.”

Only four years after becoming a royal, Princess Diana revealed that she hated wearing hats. Nichol mentioned it in her diary, “She asked me how I got away with not wearing a hat. She hates hers. She wanted to know how to raise the money for the holiday. She had certainly done her homework.”

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Speaking about the visit today, Eileen wrote: “I remember everyone being very excited. She spoke to every one of us and she spoke so well. The children loved her, and she loved the children. She told me she wishes she had my job. It truly was a marvelous day” she added. “When asked why she believes her impact and legacy on charity is important to remember, Eileen added: ‘Her impact was worldwide. She’s known in every country, for her compassion, her smile, and her love of children. “

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“We were so fortunate to have had her involved with our work before she sadly passed away”.

Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car accident on August 31, 1997, leaving the whole world in shock and despair.

On July 1, 2021, Prince Harry and Prince William will be joining each other to honor their mother with a statue on her 60th birthday. On this occasion, to honor Princess Diana,  the Red Cross has released this diary entry by Eileen Nichol and along with it, they have also released a letter from the Princess. In the letter, which was received by Edith Conn almost two years later, Diana has mentioned how much helping others meant to her.

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Edith Conn, 72, who is the former president of the humanitarian charity’s Greater Manchester branch, also recalled meeting the Princess of Wales at a British Red Cross event in 1991 at Manchester Art Gallery. During her conversation with the royal princess, she revealed how approachable Diana was and that she loved to spend her evenings eating beans on toast and watching EastEnders.

“She told me how highly she thought of the Red Cross and the wonderful work we do. And then we just chatted really” Ms. Conn said. “She was so approachable because she was so relaxed. When someone is relaxed, you relax with them, and it just made the whole experience better,” she added. “I said ‘Ma’am, what do you do now? Do you have anywhere to be?’ And to my surprise, she said “I’m going home tonight. I’m having beans on toast and watching EastEnders!” I thought that was so funny.”

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Princess Diana was one of the most popular women of her time and she has always used her popularity for helping the ones in need. She traveled and fought for people around the globe. According to Ms. Edith Conn, “her legacy is one we should hold on to because of her humanity.”

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