Remodelled Peter Parker Looks Like Tom Holland In Spiderman Remastered For PS5

Was It A Coincidence?

While Tom Holland furthered himself from the image of being MCU’s Spiderman with his serious brooding role in the gritty movie The Devil All The Time, he is again in the mind of Spidy fans as the trailer for Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered for the next-gen console PS5 dropped recently.

The trailer revealed that the game will have one major makeover from the PS4 version that released in 2018, The design of Peter Parker’s face is now totally different in the new model. The character model now looks eerily similar to Tom Holland who stars as Spiderman in The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Fans were quick to point out that the new Peter Parker shares the same boyish facial features of Tom Holland and now the resemblance is hard to ignore.

Insomniac Games which is the studio behind PS5’s Spiderman Remaster and the PS4 version stated that the reason for the change was not Tom Holland but it was for a more technical reason.

John Bubniak, the model behind old Pete in 2018 PS4 version has been replaced by Peter Parker’s new face- Model Ben Jordan for the reason that he is a ‘better match’ for Spiderman and Peter Parker’s in-game voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal’s face capture “We loved working with John Bubniak on the original game; however, to get a better match to Peter Parker/Spider-Man actor Yuri Lowenthal’s facial capture, we have cast Ben Jordan to be the face model for Peter Parker on the PS5 console. He looks incredible in-game, and Yuri’s moving performances take on a new life.” stated Insomniac on the official Playstation blog.

But Tom Holland’s insane popularity as the clumsy yet brave Pete does seem like an indirect reason for the makeover.

Insomniac’s creative director Bryan Intihar also made an official statement on Twitter regarding the change which was uncalled for “Today’s news about the new Peter Parker face model has surprised some of you, and we at Insomniac totally understand your reaction,” Intihar said in his tweet. “But as we discussed the franchise’s future and moving to the PS5, it quickly became apparent that delivering even more believable-looking characters made finding a better facial match for actor Yuri Lowenthal. … I hope you can trust us that this decision is what we feel is best for the future of the franchise.” 

Voice actor Yuri Lowenthal also sarcastically apologized for the sudden change on his twitter.

Check out a direct comparison between the new and old model below-

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