Richa Moorjani’s Fancy Destination Wedding Looks Straight Out Of A Fairytale. Pictures & Details Inside!

Their first dance was on a Spanish track ‘Besame Mucho’

Netflix fame Richa Moorjani married her longtime boyfriend Bharat Rishi Moorjani on a beach in Mexico in 2019. Their destination wedding and, in fact, their love story in itself is everything that dreams are made of! Here we are exploring the couple’s journey from dating to becoming husband and wife: 

Match made on a dating site! 

Richa Moorjani met her soulmate on a dating app exclusively meant for South Asian Americans. They bonded over a shared sense of humor and culture and went on to date for four years. During these years, they made sure that they steal time out of their professional life to go out on dates and spend a lot of quality time together. 

Richa Moorjani’s wedding proposal is every girl’s dream! 

Proposing on the beach with flowers and pearls? Nah! Getting down on knees at a public place? Nope, too old school! Bharat Rishi Moorjani leveled up the proposal game and asked Richa to marry her in the MOST adorable way possible. 

He arranged for a fake ‘romantic comedy’ movie audition. There was a set, crew members, a camera: everything was made to look real. Hear what happened next from Richa Moorjani herself:  “In the middle of the ‘audition’, he came in the room and got down on one knee with tears in his eyes, much to my surprise! The whole thing was caught on the video camera that I thought was for the audition. It was very creative and romantic.” 

They then introduced their families to each other and that’s when the wedding bandwagon officially started rolling! 

Bride Richa Moorjani had to manage shoots and the wedding planning simultaneously! 

Trivia time: Richa Moorjani’s wedding planning was on while she was shooting for her recent Netflix series ‘Never Have I Ever.’ The actress managed to multi-task and was frequently caught on a call with the wedding planner during shoot breaks. Bride mode on, eh!? 

#RishiGotRich: The Mehandi, Cocktail Party, Haldi, and Sangeet fun! 

True to her Indian roots, Richa Moorjani’s wedding might not be like a typical big fat one but it nonetheless was warm enough to hit the desi chords in our heart. In fact, the whole celebration was a mix of Mexican, American, and Indian cultures. Her pre-wedding functions were spread over three days and were organized in The Dreams Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort. #RishiGotRich was the official hashtag of their out of the world celebration. Their attire, the food, the music, the mood: everything was perfect to make those three days memorable. 

Remembering a cute incident from her Haldi, Richa Moorjani revealed, “After our ceremony, both Bharat and I jumped into the pool fully dressed and slathered with Haldi. It wasn’t long when one by one our friends followed suit (also fully dressed). It was so unexpected and so much fun, although I think I ruined my lehenga.” HOW CUTE IS THAT!? 

Even heavy rains couldn’t spoil Richa Moorjani’s dreamy wedding! 

Being one of those people who planned everything to a tee, Richa Moorjani was naturally upset when the wedding planner reached out to her one night before the wedding to inform her that the heavy rains will disrupt the outdoor step up. The team recommended that they move the wedding indoors but the couple couldn’t let the weather mess with the most important day of their life. “I cried for a few minutes, and then my amazing little sister held my hand and reminded me that no matter where the wedding took place, it would be perfect. We said a little prayer to accept whatever happens. The weather cleared up just before the baraat, and we had a stunning rainbow over our mandap. It was breathtaking and incredibly auspicious” said the bride. 

The wedding set up was stunning: one could see hues of red and ivory all around with rose petals blessing the sacred ceremony. That night under the shadow of a shinning rainbow, the vast blue sky, and the calming sound of water splashing on the beach, Rishi and Richa became one forever. #RishiGotRich indeed! 

Hold up, folks! It’s not over yet! Richa Moorjani’s wedding bash does not end with the emotional pheeras. They also threw a smashing reception and after-party! The newlyweds had their first dance on a Spanish track ‘Besame Mucho’ and the celebration continued till midnight in the resort’s clubhouse.

Petition to give us a time machine to go back in time, get invited to this marvelous destination wedding, please? 

Cover Image Source: Instagram

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