Rick Ross Clears The Air About The Beef Between Kanye West And Drake

That settles it, lets hope.

Kanye West and Drake have been beefing with each other for quite a long time, and a recent Instagram post by Kanye has further escalated their beef. But all the news about whether Drake and Kanye’s beef is legit or not has just been clarified by rapper Rick Ross himself.

Just before we get into what Rick Ross made clear about the feud between Kanye West & Drake, lets take a look at the long history of complications that have led to their beef.

The complications between Drake & Kanye have been going on for over a decade. To begin with, Drake was on friendly terms with Kanye back in 2008 and he even free-styled over bars made by Kanye himself, even going so far to proclaim his love for the rapper in an interview in 2009.

“Before I ever got the chance to meet him, Kanye West shaped a lot of what I do, as far as music goes.”

“We always, always, always took the time to listen to Kanye’s music and appreciate it beyond. We searched the samples and we find out where his inspiration came from, because he has one of the best ears in music, period. He knows how to recognize great music that’s not his. He knows how to utilize great sounds and great music.”

“So before I met him, I had the utmost respect for Kanye West. I’d even go as far as to say he’s the most influential person as far as a musician that I’d ever had in my life.”

This could have been the start of a friendship between the two, but sadly nothing came out of it.

Things got worse as Drake was seen with Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, and to add to this, Drake started seeing Kanye as a rival more than a friend.

In 2018, Kanye West helped produce all the tracks for rapper Pusha T’s third studio album called Daytona. This was around the same time when Pusha T made a diss track on Drake in response to Drake’s diss track on him (which also somewhat ended up being a diss track on Kanye).

Fast forward to today, the Kanye West & Drake beef was recently reignited by a feature verse that Drake contributed on a Trippie Redd song called Betrayal from Trip At Knight. On the track, Drake took a jab at Kanye saying:

“All these fools I’m beefin’ that I barely know/Forty-five, forty-four (burned out), let it go/Ye ain’t changin’ shit for me, it’s set in stone.”

Kanye didn’t take long to react. He recently posted a now-deleted photo in which it can be seen that he added Drake and Drake’s rival Pusha T in the very same chat group with the following message:

“I live for this. I’ve been f****d with by weird ass jock n****s like you my whole life. You will never recover. I promise you.”

The message was accompanied by a photo of the famous DC villain Joker from the 2019 movie of the same name.

This must have looked like a war was being waged by Kanye West against Drake, but rapper Rick Ross, who has collaborated with both Kanye & Drake in the past, clarified that there was nothing serious going on between the two of them, and that the ongoing beef is just for show.

“I love it…I couldn’t do nothing but put ‘hahahaha’ because to me, I understand the genius to both of these artists, and I understand this is nothing personal to them.”

“This is two levels of creativity inspiring each other. Because they both are right now thinking of the artwork, thinking of the credits. Where do we place, what color is this, and to me, it only makes the game that much more genius, that much more valuable.”

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