Robert Downey Jr. Has Got A ‘Ton Of Fun Things’ Planned Post His Time In The MCU

He has “big things” coming up!

Robert Downey Jr. is often given the credit of kickstarting the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2008’s blockbuster Iron Man and rightly so. To date, his solo films in the MCU as well as the assemble features that included him have earned billions of dollars at the box office and exponentially increased the number of MCU fans. But now that the actor has left the MCU behind with Avengers Endgame, he plans to devote his skill set and enthusiasm to many exciting projects which are not just limited to films. 

In a recent chat with LinkedIn’s Daniel Roth, Robert Downey Jr. spoke at length about his plans of doing more films now after his mini-hiatus from Hollywood as well as devote his time to do something “big” that will leave behind a legacy.

“I have big and fun things coming up. And the way I’m going to do it is I’m not just going to lay around and sit in my trailer between setups anymore. I’m going to be on Zooms and making connections and doing dinners after work and calling overseas when I’m driving to set at 6 in the morning. So, this goes back to the answer to the previous question, which is, ‘How do we do this new normal?’ We kind of get to create what it is. And as much as that disgust response that we were all having–I know people going back to the office for the first time were all like ‘blech’–but I think that we don’t have to be afraid of returning to what seems like the old,” Robert Downey Jr. shared. 

“The zero point has been reached, the faders have all come down on the control board and we can create our own reality a little bit more moving forward. I’m still going to make movies. I’ve got a ton of fun things to announce… but my real mission here is to try and stay under the tutelage of folks like you [Daniel Roth] and to try and do something big, and fun and good that’s a bit of a legacy play for all of us,” he added.

While Robert Downey Jr. will now be focusing on creating a legacy in a world outside films, he will forever be remembered as MCU’s Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man as fans are still holding out hope for his return even though the character sacrificed himself in Avenger: Endgame. But now that the MCU is swiftly heading towards the multiverse, bring back RDJ as Iron Man or some other character from another timeline won’t be that difficult. As for Robert Downey Jr.’s upcoming films, he will be seen next in the sports comedy-drama film All-Star Weekend, which will be directed by Jamie Foxx. He is also set to reprise his role as the eccentric detective Sherlock Holmes in a third film in the series. The actor has also transitioned to executive producing for HBO’s Perry Mason and Netflix’s Sweet Tooth

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