Robert Pattinson Tops The Hottie List As Even Science Declares Him The Most Handsome In The World!

We knew it!

If you had been ardently rooting for the package of good looks and scoops of charm that is Robert Pattinson, then it is time to rejoice for even science is backing our obsession with the Twilight actor! Robert Pattinson, soon to star as the DC Comics superhero Batman, has been declared the most handsome man in the world after a scientific research that calculated the ratio of what makes a face ‘perfect.’

Named as the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, which measures physical perfection, the 33-year-old British actor has been found to be 92.15 percent ‘accurate’ to the ratio. Many other celebrities’ physical features were included in the experiment and it was Robert Pattinson’s eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw, and facial shape that came closest to the ration of ‘perfection’ in comparison. 

It is believed that the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi was a technique used by painters in the European Renaissance. According to scientists, it is a mathematical formula “to help explain what makes a person beautiful”, which then produces a percentage to determine how close to “perfection” i.e., 1.618 (Phi), someone’s face is. It is basically dependent on the symmetry of someone’s face which becomes more beautiful if every facial feature is more symmetrical.

This list of celebrities has been compiled by celebrity facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva who runs the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery, in London. 

“Robert Pattinson was the clear winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection,” Dr. Julian De Silva said. “The list was compiled using the latest computerized mapping techniques.” 

Before Robert Pattinson, George Clooney occupied the first spot but he has now been knocked down to the fifth position in the list owing to the effect of aging as he has lost volume in his face. 

So, apart from our heartthrob Robert Pattinson topping the list, there are nine other celebrities who made it to the list of the world’s “most handsome” men. Closely following Pattinson is Henry Cavill at 91.64% perfection, followed by Bradley Cooper at 91.08%, Brad Pitt at 90.51%, George Clooney with 89.91%, Hugh Jackman came next with 89.64, David Beckham at 88.96%, while Idris Elba, Kanye West, and Ryan Gosling occupied the last three ranks at 88.01%, 87.94%, and 87.48% respectively.

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