Rough Childhood, Abusive Relationships, And Solid Hustle: Rihanna’s Journey To Stardom!

A self-made woman

Do you know who’s a real rock star? Someone who keeps getting beaten by life but always manages to get up and say ‘try me’ again. Rihanna, a self-made woman and truly the shiniest star out there has had a journey that can shred your heart into pieces but also fill you with great respect and inspiration. Read on! 

What was Rihanna’s childhood like?   

Going by the real name of Robyn Rihanna Fenty, our fireball of confidence and fierce energy was actually quite the opposite as a kid. She was one of those shy girls who would stun you at talent shows. In fact, that is where her tryst with music also began – the school talent show stage. 

Even though she was a kid who excelled professionally in all her co-curricular endeavors, she had her own set of struggles on the personal front. Conditions back at home were pretty painful for Rihanna. She grew up around an abusive father and her parents divorced when she was 14. Having no support to herself, she had to learn to manage everything on her own right from the start. “I never expressed how I felt. I always kept it in. I would go to school … you would never know there was something wrong with me” said Rihanna in one of her interviews. She also battled tight financial patches through her teens years has been very vocal about how she would often save up months to buy something off her bucket list.

Music is what kept Rihanna going onwards and upwards

We often need a vent in life, something that becomes both, a safe space and an escape from the humdrum of life. Rihanna found hers in music. She was early to recognize her skill and hustled to get an audition with the famous Hollywood music producer, Evan Rodgers. The audition was successful, and she was given an opportunity to move in with the producer and his family to record her single. Our pop star was quick to grab the offer with a wide smile. In 2015, she released her first track titled ‘Pon de Replay’ and made a name for herself. The chartbuster list had the song streaming on #2 for a long time. 

The world knows what followed next: Rihanna’s albums became THE big things that everyone would await with the utmost enthusiasm and love. Some of her famous hits include Umbrella, Don’t Stop the Music, Only Girl In The World, Hate That I Love You, We Found Love, Diamonds, Work and S&M. 

From nothing to something – Rihanna and her stardom! 

One of the most Googled questions about her is ‘What is Rihanna’s net worth?’ Forbes answered this question and announced that her fortune amounts to $600, making her the richest female singer alive. She has been working relentlessly over the years, releasing albums after albums and exploring different things, including entrepreneurship. 

Her hometown, Barbados has officially declared 21st February as the National ‘Rihanna Day’ in her honor. Apart from being the first black woman who made it to the Vogue cover, she has also bagged titles like the Sexiest Woman Alive and the Richest Female Singer out there. 

What’s unique about Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty range? 

When Rihanna launched her own brand that was going to compete in a well-established field of cosmetics, nobody thought that it could one day become symbolic of something more than just makeup.

Rihanna’s Fenty products have something for everyone – no matter their shade or size. Unlike regular brands, they offer more than 40 shades of foundation in an effort to make make-up more accessible to the black community and to promote body positivity. Fans loved the thought and extra care that the singer turned entrepreneur, Rihanna, had put into Fenty. The result was increased sales and love coming her way. Within 15 months, the company added a great amount to Rihanna’s net worth. They had generated a revenue of close to $570 million within a limited time frame. 

Rihanna also runs a nonprofit organization called Clara Lionel Foundation. This has been named after her grandmother and works towards supporting young girls with their education and well being. It looks like she has come a full circle – giving back to the community so that no child has to go through what she went through. More power to her! 

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