Ryan Reynolds Talks Christmas Plans For 2020; Wife Blake Lively Shows Off Quarantine Hair

All that the pandemic has brought upon us!

Ryan Reynolds says he and his family won’t be celebrating Christmas this year with other relatives while wife Blake Lively shows off her quarantine hair.

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds recently took to Instagram on Saturday, December 19 to say that he and his family; wife Blake Lively and their three daughters, Inez, 4, James, 6 and Betty, 1, won’t be celebrating this year’s Christmas holidays with their grandparents and other relatives owing to the pandemic.

Ryan Reynolds and family’s disappointing Christmas holidays

The pandemic and quarantine restrictions have proven to be extremely exhausting for everyone and life is no different for the two most popular faces in Hollywood. Just like the rest of us, even Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been missing out on a lot because of the pandemic, including celebrating the holiday season together with grandparents, aunts and uncles.

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According to Reynolds, Christmas this year means celebrating at home like the rest of the world instead of the usual family get-together. The Deadpool star is sure bummed out about it.

“My kids won’t see their grandparents this year for Christmas. Or friends or aunts and uncles. It s–ks,” he wrote. “My hat’s off to so many others doing the same.” added Reynolds applauding all those who are doing the same.

Ryan and Blake’s quarantine life

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been home throughout the pandemic and have been sharing snippets of their quarantine life with the fans on social media. The couple also pranks each other on social media entertaining their fans and helping them get through the quarantine.

Blake Lively almost regularly shares these little shenanigans with her husband on Instagram, giving their followers something to laugh at. Earlier this month Blake trolled her husband on her Instagram stories in turn getting trolled back by Reynolds.

Blake Lively‘s quarantine hair

Blake even showed off her quarantine hair, something which was extremely relatable to the fans. Blake Lively is known for her gorgeous hair, however, during quarantine, she showed off her tangled hair on Instagram.

In a series of humorous Instagram stories, Blake Lively kept it raw and real showing how quarantine life looked like for her and her husband Ryan Reynolds and their three kids.

Ryan Reynolds also shared with his fans some of the safety measures carried out on set to keep him and his co-stars healthy and safe. He also documented a series of photos of himself getting the COVID-19 test. The photos were taken by wife Blake Lively.

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