Sacha Baron Cohen Is In His Element As He Appears On Jimmy Kimmel Live

The host couldn’t ask a single question!

Much like the roles he plays, Sacha Baron Cohen’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live was hilariously problematic. The comedian/actor’s mockumentary Borat 2 comes out on October 23 and he came to promote the same, although in an unusual fashion.

Sacha Baron Cohen appeared as his on-screen character, Borat, who is a Kazakh resident and journalist. He entered the studio carrying a canister on his back, disinfecting everything and everyone on his way.

“I have very grave news. Kazakhstan intelligence services have made discovery this morning that there is a virus,” Borat began solemnly. “It comes from a place called Wuhan, which is in Israel,” he added, leaving Jimmy Kimmel in splits.

Then, the unimaginable happened. Borat started to kill the coronavirus particles floating in the air with his magnifying glass and frying pan. “He is a coward, the virus is a coward!” he yelled as he smashed the “infectious cells”. 

Borat was doing his best in taking all the necessary precautions. He made Kimmel take the standard ‘Kazakh health questionnaire/exam’. He even carried an oversized thermometer with him and later prodded the host with it. As it was evident from the riotous interview, Borat clearly had the wrong idea about the coronavirus.

Borat’s daughter makes an entry!

Throughout the act, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat took the lead and didn’t give Jimmy Kimmel any opportunity to ask questions. The segment also featured Borat’s daughter (played by Maria Bakalova) who joined her father in his notorious pursuits.

“She like your trousers, pants. Can she have them,” Borat asked Kimmel at one point. Much to our surprise, Jimmy Kimmel eventually gave in and was pant-less by the end of the interview.

Hiding behind a couch to save name, Kimmel finally managed to say something about the film as the chat neared its end.

“I have seen your film and it is wonderful and no one who loves you will be disappointed. It is miraculous and I hope that many, many Americans watch it,” the host said.

Watch Sacha Baron Cohen’s entire segment on Jimmy Kimmel here:

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