Salma Hayek’s Pet Owl Once Coughed Up A Hairball Onto Harry Styles’ Head

Wait, what?

Salma Hayek’s rescue pet owl Kering got to meet Harry Styles and the meeting seemed to have gotten a bit messy.

Appearing on the Ellen DeGenres Show, Salma Hayek got candid about an incident when Harry Styles visited her home and got to meet her rescue pet owl. The 27-year-old singer was understandably enamored by her southern white-faced owl – even when the animal regurgitated a hairball on him.

“One time there was a very important celebrity, will not say his name, and he was really excited about the owl and was hoping the owl would go on his head because it was on me,” recalled Hayek. “He’s like, ‘I need an owl in my life. How do you do that?’ And the minute he least expected it, he came on his head.”

“But then the owl did the thing, and this thing came out, this ball of rat hair was on his head,” she added, gesturing how the small pellet fell on top of Style’s head.

“He was okay. He was kind of cool, he didn’t scream. That happens sometimes when you have guests in this house!”

Initially avoiding Harry’s name while reciting the incident, Salma finally gave in. Towards the end of the interview, DeGeneres asked Hayek again and the actress confirmed it was the former One Direction member. “I hope I’m not in trouble!” she said with a laugh. “He was super cool, by the way. He was super cool even with that happening. … He’s the best.”

Earlier this year, Salma explained to PEOPLE the sweet bond she shares with her pet owl. The 54-year-old actress got the beaked friend after responding to an advertisement about rescue owls. After researching the work that goes into caring for such creatures, Hayek decided to bring Kering to her life.

“I gave it to my husband as a Valentine’s present and named her Kering because that’s the name of his company and their symbol of the owl,” Hayek revealed how Kering’s meeting with her husband François-Henri Pinault went.

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“And he was like, ‘Well, thank you, but I know this is your own present for yourself.’ “

Salma Hayek has been a lifelong animal lover. “Because they don’t talk, you really have to be present with them, to communicate with them, to understand them. They always make you feel welcome. They never complain,” she had previously explained.

Despite the unusual encounter, Kering’s first meeting with Harry Styles was surely memorable.

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