Sandra Bernhard Opens Up About Infamous Rift With Madonna For The First Time

“Her relationships just don’t last.”

Sandra Bernhard and Madonna shared one of the most iconic celebrity friendships of all time — until it wasn’t.

The Pose star was close friends with the singer throughout the Eighties and early Nineties before their friendship ended in 1992 for unknown reasons.  The actress pointed a finger at the pop icon in a new interview while discussing the former besties’ mysterious falling out in 1992.

“For a while, we had a real friendship, but it’s hard for somebody like her,” Bernhard, 66, said on the “Hot Takes & Deep Dives with Jess Rothschild” podcast on Monday. “She doesn’t really want somebody around who reflects too much of who she is.”

She added, “Therefore, her relationships just don’t last.”

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The “Roseanne” alum claimed she had made it crystal clear to Madonna, 63, in the beginning of their friendship that she would always be genuine, but even that didn’t work in the end.

While Bernhard did not spill the tea on what exactly went down between the two, she explained that the intensity of being in the limelight may have had something to do with it.

“I didn’t really like that level of visibility and having to work it constantly,” Bernhard explained. “We all as performers work it to a certain degree, but I’m a very improvisational person, on stage and in my life, and I don’t like being tied down in having to be a certain way for my image,” she continued. “What I tried to impart in our friendship is, ‘I’m really your friend, I’m not just somebody that’s passing through.’”

Sandra Bernhard has kept quiet about the details of her and Madonna’s tiff over the years, but she said in June 2019 that they had moved past it.

“I’ve seen her over the years,” Bernhard told Us Weekly at the time. “We’re cool with each other, you know. But people move on and you have your life. I have a daughter [Cicely], my girlfriend [Sara Switzer]. I have my career, my life. And, you know, things do change.”

Back in October she also mentioned that she really doesn’t know much about Madonna these days.

“I don’t know how she is now,” Bernhard said. “She might be exactly the same. I don’t know. But nobody’s the same because we have children. Life changes you. But at that time, it was the right time for our friendship.”

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