Scott Disick Shares Son, Reign Disick’s Brand New Hairdo

The 6-year-old gets a new haircut

Reign Disick son of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian is a big part of the Kardashian-Jenner family. The 6-year-old has two siblings, Mason and Penelope Disick. The kid had a mohawk previously but now he’s got a make-over. His mohawk is no more. His parents always keep in check if their son was of the cool kid range. They made sure to encourage and hype up all of their children. 

Mason Disick, 11, and the eldest had long locks and is always admired because of it. Penelope Disick’s, 8, locks are gorgeous too. But boy the Kardashian-Disick kids have the luscious hair of all!

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Before the mohawk, the adorable kiddo, Reign Disick shaved off his hair. Every time fans criticized his hairstyle, his mom was ready to clap back. She has consistently supported and replied to her mean fans saying, “She really need to not worry about kids that aren’t her own. He is a happy boy”. 

Little Disick’s Recent Hair Transformation

Lately, after the recent buzz cut that Reign Disick got, his father was happy to post his picture on Instagram to show the world how cute his youngest son is. And he’s right, little Reign looks adorable. His parents give him the chance to decide on how he wants his hair to be. And after his first-ever haircut, Kourtney said, “They took it in stages and Reign was in charge of how much to take off and he wanted all of it off so that’s what they did”

Scott often keeps sharing pictures of his kids and calls them the best thing to happen to him. In the recent hairstyle reveal on Instagram, Scott wrote, “How does it get much cuter! So cute!”. Little Reign Disick is seen wearing a blue and white tie-dyed t-shirt and posing for his dad with his hands behind his head. As he looked into the distance, the kid did look like he was into some serious thoughts. 

According to Hollywood Life on the topic of Reign Disick’s haircuts, “It was emotional for her because it’s such a big milestone, he’s growing up. It’s very bittersweet for her because on one hand she loves seeing him grow up but it’s also hard because he’s not her baby anymore”. So, Reign Disick is going to break some hearts as he grows up!

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