Sebastian Stan Is Apparently Connected To Very Big Name In Hollywood

Fans discover this new relation.

Sebastian Stan is very well-connected to a big name in the industry, as fans discover a family tie between the Winter Soldier and a mystery person.

Fans of Sebastian Stan will remember his debut role as the best bud to Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes in 2011, “Captain America: the First Avenger”. The star then became even popular by taking up the role of Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now the 38-year-old actor stars in big movies like “The Devil All The Time” and also the Disney plus mini series, “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier“.

While it may seem that Sebastian Stan fans know all about him, this is certainly not the case. As Redditors seemed to have stumbled upon a new familial tie.

Who is Sebastian Stan connected to?

A fan of the Winter Soldier asked others on Reddit whether they knew something unique about the “Endings Beginnings” star. To which a Redditor replied by revealing that he has a godmother who happens to be the owner of a billion-dollar company.

Sebastian Stan’s godmother is Anastasia Soare, which is, if not the least known fact about the actor.

Who is Anastasia Soare?

Anastasia Soare is the owner of the popular make-up company Anastasia Beverly Hills, who’s networth is a whopping $1.2 billion dollars.

It is still not known whether Anastasia Soare has helped Sebastian Stan with some acting opportunities or not, but she sure is in touch with some big names in Hollywood.

The 64-year-old Anastasia Soare is great friends with the Kardashians, especially Kris Jenner. Sebastian Stan’s godmother had once posted a selfie with Kris where she wrote a heartfelt message for her friend.

“For my dear friend, @krisjenner This is a woman who needs no introduction, but everyone deserves to be praised on their birthday — especially when they love as fiercely, surely, and unwaveringly as Kris does. She’s intelligent, quick witted, but most of all she has a heart so much larger than seems possible for one person to hold.”

Anastasia Soare also added that, “You can see it in the way she acts as the glue within her family, and how she is a loyal and trustworthy friend. She’ll always be the one to pick up the phone, to check in, and to show up for all your big moments, cheering you on.”

This celebrity connection is sure to help her godson Sebastian, if he ever wants to link up with one of the Kardashians.

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